Limerick-Royersford-Spring City Patch Celebrates Six Months

On this day six months ago, a new era was born in community news.

Fall 2010 - Unfamiliar people carrying big green folders and flyers came to Eastern Pennsylvania to spread the word about a new online service called "Patch." These colorful characters were mostly seen entering local businesses to collect information for what is now known as our "Places" section.

Some business owners were skeptical, being scammed in the past by similar services, but our Commercial Listings Collectors didn't let up. They had a job to do and that was to help set up what would eventually be your main local hub for news, sports, events and other happenings in the area.

December 2010 - A bright and friendly face in the Limerick community by the name of David Powell entered the scene and started spreading the word to schools and municipalities in Limerick, Royersford and Spring City. Little did everyone know that Powell would help start a site that has such a large following comparatively to other Patches across the country.

Dec. 30, 2010 - Limerick-Royersford-Spring City Patch was born. Still, the community was unsure of what was to come and still to this day some people may not even know what it is, but six months later, we've made a hard effort to make sure people know we're here to stay.

So, in celebration of our six-month anniversary, we are going to send you back in time to our Top Ten Stories since our genesis. If you've been a loyal user since the beginning, you'll enjoy the nostalgia. If you are relatively new to Patch, then you will love looking back and seeing all the great (and not-so-great) things we covered.

1. _ - Spring City had a lot of explaining to do in March after a series of letters and public comments began to surface. Things had been quiet as the summer approached, but there could still be more to this story, as there are some unanswered questions hanging.

2. _ - An Upper Providence man was shot in the midst of a drug raid in early June. He survived the wound to the head, which was alleged to be self-inflicted. The drugs in the house were mostly marijuana, according to police. The bigger concern was the weapons authorities claimed the man was in possession of, hence the need for a SWAT team.

3. _ - Royersford Borough is still catching heat for the case in which a woman shooting her gun down the street at a loose pit bull. No charges were issued by police as she claimed she was defending herself and her dog. However, the owner of the pit bull _ on Patch.

4. _ - An Upper Providence property dispute between the school and the pharmaceutical company escalated in late May through letter writing and legal threats.

5. _ - With the retirement of Dr. Marsha Hurda effective starting last week, the school searched long and hard for a new superintendent. They found him in Dr. David Goodin, who takes over in August.

6. _ - A letter was leaked to Patch that essentially said 7-10 jobs were being furloughed due to cuts in the upcoming school year.

7. _ - We took it upon ourselves to figure out who really has the best wings in town. A panel of judges, including professional eater Bob Shoudt, helped make the decision.

8. _ - Annamarie Chestnut of Annamaries in Royersford came just a hair shy of winning Macy's Million-Dollar Makeover.

9. _ - Spring-Ford held a "town hall" style meeting to discuss the new budget for 2011-2012. Concerned residents voiced their opinions in the matter.

10. _ - What else is there to say? Talk about a satisfying spring baseball season!


We hope you have become more informed and have enjoyed reading these past six months. We can only hope to better serve the community in the best possible ways. Feel free to contact us with any tips, questions, concerns, praise or problems.

Dynamo47 July 01, 2011 at 11:06 AM
Congrats David. As someone who was close to story number one I found your reporting objective and well researched. I became a visitor because of that story and am now a regular as no one covers Spring Ford like the Patch!
Joe Zlomek July 01, 2011 at 11:28 AM
"... a new era was born in community news"? Bit of an overstatement, methinks, Kevin, but as a competitor and reporting colleague I understand your pride. The Patch is a terrific addition to community news coverage in Limerick that I read daily. Congratulations on six months! Regards, Joe Zlomek, Managing Editor, The Limerick Post


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