Local Tappers To Be Featured on Talk Show

A cardio tap-dancing class' teacher and students will be on a national talk show on Wednesday.

Royersford-based (and soon-to-be Knoxville-based) tap dancer Melanie Niblick took her Tap N Burn class to the set of the Steve Harvey show in Chicago last week. 

Niblick and four students taught Harvey a Tap N Burn routine and challenged him to dance with them.

Niblick says Harvey was gracious and funny, and also would veer off on unexpected tangents. 

"He was great," Niblick said. 

Niblick's Tap N Burn classes use tap-dancing steps to build a cardio routine and dance about 4000 steps, which can be the equivalent of two miles of walking or jogging.

Niblick says that the biggest component of Tap N Burn's classes is that they are fun.

"We are all shapes, ages and sizes," Niblick said. "Our youngest dancer is 20 ad our oldest is 71."

Niblick's students have nothing but praise for their teacher and for Tap N Burn.

Jacqueline Ash wrote, "Even at 8 months pregnant, when I felt like I could barely move, Melanie's energy, the music, and the fun of wearing tap shoes got me exercising once a week!"

"Tap N Burn is the only workout I actually look forward to. The classes motivated me to exercise and get out of a fitness rut," said Reena Kolar.

Jill Fazzini said, "I have always loved tap and the fact that there is a class where I can put on my tap shoes AND get a good workout in was what sold me. Also, being a mom of 3 with a very busy life, I love that I can go to TNB and just focus on nothing else but what my feet are doing for 50 minutes. All of the other stress in my life disappears for those 50 minutes while I tap away."

Tap N Burn recently won PhillyFIT's "most unique workout" and "most memorable workout." 

You don't even have to know how to tap to join the classes - Niblick and her instructors teach the basic steps and build a routine over the course of eight weeks. 

When classes start back up in January, Tap N Burn will be offering all levels of classes from beginner to advanced.

While Niblick is moving to Knoxville, TN at the end of the week, she said she is leaving local Tap N Burn classes in the hands of several great teachers.

Royersford classes are held at LeRoux School of Dance, 301 N. Lewis Rd, Royersford. King of Prussia classes are held at Upper Merion Dance & Gymnastics Center, 421 Feheley Drive, Unit B, King Of Prussia. Collegeville classes are held at The Dance Depot, 50 West 3rd Avenue, Collegeville Station, Collegeville.

Visit Tap N Burn's website to see class schedules, photos and videos of classes. 


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