Oaks-to-CHOP Run Will Raise Funds for Charity

Six months after heart surgery, an Elverson man will run a marathon.

Jeff McBride, 27, had major heart surgery on Sept. 17, 2012. On March 17, exactly six months after the operation, he plans to run 26.2 miles from Oaks to the Children's Hospital of Pennsylvania. 

McBride told the Tri-County Record that running is something that has always been a hobby, and it was running that McBride turned to  start recovering from his heart surgery. 

"Running was always an activity I could do to get away from it all, let off any stress, clear my head. So I decided a while ago that I wanted to run another long distance (run) just to do it," he told the Record. 

McBride says on his website, www.motivatedheart.com, that he was inspired to raise money for CHOP after his son was born on Christmas Day. He said he couldn't imagine what he would do if his infant son "had any medical issues that would require him to be hospitalized long term."

"For this reason I decided to try and help those families that are less fortunate by starting this fundraiser for the Children's Hospital of Philadelphia," McBride's site says. 

McBride has already met his original fundraising goal of $1,500, so he has raised his goal to $2,500. 

He also has two anonymous sponsors who are going to donate up to $1,500 each for McBride's marathon. They have promised to donate a percentage of $1,500 equal to the percentage of the race that McBride finishes—so if McBride finishes half the race, they'll each donate $750. If he runs the full 26.2 miles, they'll donate the full $1,500.

McBride will continue raising money until the day of the race, March 17, 2013. Visit his website, www.motivatedheart.com, for more information and a link to donate. 


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