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A Prescription for Better Health

With obesity rates on the rise, is there a prescription to slow it down?

Every wonder what is the best prescription for better health?  What would you do if your Dr. pulled out his or her prescription pad and wrote you a prescription that said;

  • Exercise with weights to reduce your fat,
  • Walk daily to reduce your stress,
  • Eat a minimum of 4 fruits and green vegetables a day to help your cells regenerate,
  • Drink at least 3 liters of water a day to hydrate your cells,
  • Get at least 7-8 hours of sleep at night to reset your metabolism,
  • Eat at least 1g of lean organic protein per body weight a day to help maintain your cell regeneration, organ function, and muscle mass

Would you take the prescription and get it filled?  Research has shown that diseases such as heart disease, diabetes, depression, stroke, and even some cancers can be prevented or reduced just by following the above prescription.

The most preventable of diseases is obesity, which the Institute of Medicine, attributes to higher incidences of heart disease, diabetes, several cancers, hypertension, high cholesterol, asthma, osteoarthritis and liver disease. However, based on the numbers, the prescription is not being given or if it is, it is not being followed. 

The obesity rates are on the rise, as shown by the current numbers from the Centers for Disease Control.   In 2011 the CDC estimated that more than one-third or 35.7 %, of the United States Population is obese, not just overweight, obese.  At the current rate, this report shows that by the year 2030 the United States population obesity rate will soar upwards of 50-55% on average, some states could exceed 60%.  And all of those chronic debilitating conditions associated with obesity, increase at the same exponential rate. What is clearly disconcerting is the fact that the obesity rates for children are increasing at a greater rate than the adult population.  Opening up the door to earlier incidences of chronic debilitating diseases at a younger age. These numbers bring to light the impact it will have on our future health and health care costs

So let’s break this down in terms of the increasing healthcare costs. The Journal of Health Economics reports, “that an obese person incurs medical costs that are $2,741 higher (in 2005 dollars) than if they were not obese. Nationwide, that translates into $190.2 billion per year, or 20.6 percent of national health expenditures. Previous estimates had pegged the cost of obesity at $85.7 billion, or 9.1 percent of national health expenditures.”

When it comes to simple supply and demand, our rate of disease associated with the obesity rate, is creating a demand for more health care, which can drive the costs up.  If you are relying on a system that cannot meet the demand, the costs will ultimately go up.  In other words, currently the diseases associated with obesity are overtaxing our system of health care, so band aid's are being put onto a system that doesn’t spend enough time trying to prevent obesity as the root cause of many of the diseases that cost the US billions every year.

So as we can see the prevention of obesity ”has the potential to contain costs much more effectively than the mere treatment of obesity-related chronic health conditions.”

When it comes to preventable diseases, obesity is one disease that can be prevented. Whether you are regular weight, overweight or obese, take the above prescription and start filling it today. Rather than relying on being diagnosed with a condition based on what the tests say; it could be possible that if you take a personal action today, you could prevent or eliminate your chances of obesity and the diseases it causes, today!


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