Rofo Pastor Quoted on Houston Chronicle Blog

The blog featured musings on Joel Osteen and Thomas Kinkade

The following clip comes from The Houston Chronicle's blog - Iconia:

One of the greatest challenges y in Royersford, Pa., has faced as a church is the “ongoing struggle” of serving more than 1,200 new Christians without becoming “really creepy” along the way, writes Brian Jones, lead pastor, on his personal website.

The church needs to protect new Christians from other Christians, Jones explains.

“[I]f you lead someone to Christ in America and get them serious about their faith, within three years they’re speaking some strange Christian lingo, putting Thomas Kinkade paintings in their living room, wanting to sing 4,345 Hillsong worship songs in church, and TiVo-ing Joel Osteen while they’re watching Fox News,” he writes.

For the full story, click here.



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