Surprising Spring City Home to be Featured on HGTV

A local jeweler’s home will be spotlighted.

You might pass the National Bank of Spring City every day on Main Street in Spring City and never realize you’re looking at a meticulously redesigned home.

The well-kept but nondescript front façade hides a house that is a work of art, remodeled and refurbished by local jeweler Cathy Calhoun, of Calhoun’s Jewelers in Royersford.

Now, Calhoun’s home has caught the eye of HGTV, a channel known for showing off interesting and amazing homes.

The shoot was for a show called “You Live in What?” to air on HGTV in 2013.

Calhoun was just contacted two weeks ago, and the shoot came together very quickly. A crew of four assembled on September 26 to shoot Calhoun’s bank-turned-home .

Calhoun worked at the National Bank of Spring City as a teller. It was her first job, before she went to work in the jewelry industry.

When the bank closed in 1989, Calhoun’s former boss contacted her, thinking it might be a good jewelry store location. Calhoun liked the bank building but thought it wouldn’t have enough foot traffic to work as a jewelry store.

However, the details of the building really captured her imagination. She bid on the property and won the building and all its contents.

It’s now a three-bedroom home, but Calhoun has left many of the bank details intact, such as the vault doors, the wall of safe-deposit boxes, and the spiraling wooden stair going to the second floor. The home has been decorated in a modern, colorful style with bright prints and bold colors.

The exact airdate for the episode is currently unknown. 

Donna White May 04, 2013 at 01:11 AM
I just saw this home featured on HGTV and it was absolutely gorgeous. It was hard to believe by looking at the inside of this home that it was a bank at one time. However, the outside still looks like it was some kind of business, but the bank sign still hangs in front of the place, which I think adds character.


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