Book Review: "A Murder at Rosamund's Gate"

Kelly Thunstrom, editor/publisher of 1776books.net, reviews "A Murder at Rosamund's Gate", by Susanna Calkins. This book will be released on April 23, 2013.

A Murder at Rosamund's Gate is Susanna Calkins's absorbing debut novel.  Just a warning that time WILL easily slip away as you become engrossed in this historical fiction mystery.  I was pleasantly surprised that this is deemed Book 1 of the Lucy Campion Mysteries; if there's a Book 1, there has to be a Book 2, right?  So I look forward to reading Calkins's future tales.

It's set in the mid-1600s right around the beginning of the plague's entrance into London.  Lucy is a young servant girl living in the kind magistrate's household.  A series of murders, including of someone very close to Lucy, soon makes the area a dangerous place to be.  Calkins expertly combines not only a "whodunit" but also great suspense as the plague creeps ever closer.

Click here to read the rest of this review and see Kelly's rating.

Kelly Thunstrom is the editor and publisher of 1776books.net. You can also follow her on twitter at@1776books.


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