Main Line Professor Recruited by ETs at MUFON September 18

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 582 Upper Gulph Rd Strafford PA 19087  See map

Three years ago, Dominic Roberti and his wife became attracted to  a "star" which responds to their thought messages, a connection which continues today. Taking
it as a call to spread the word on the ET presence--their benevolence, advanced technology and spirituality, he now conducts courses and workshops, and has a website specific to the Delaware Valley, ETLocal.

Dr. Roberti will guide us in a brief meditation he learned at the Center for the Study of Extraterrestrial Intelligence to demonstrate the mantra for reaching deep stillness, with imagery to vector ETs to a training site. (CSETI stresses
Close Encounters of the Fifth Kind, in which ETs are attracted to the training site by lasers, recorded tones, remote viewing and deep meditation.)

Main Line MUFON meets every month (ordinarily on
Tuesday nights) with outstanding speakers to stimulate and inform you---right here on the Main Line. The meetings are free to the public. Afterwards, you may
join the speaker for conversation at a nearby restaurant. Click here for meeting information. Contact Jennifer Stein- 610-613-0088-MainLineMUFON@comcast.net

Main Line MUFON is a branch of Mutual UFO Network whose mission is the scientific study of UFOs for
the benefit of humanity.


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