Gallery: Lansdale Fun-A-Day Show Huge Success

Lansdale's Fun-A-Day show exceeds expectations in both quality and attendance

As a sign that the arts are alive and well in , hundreds of area residents attended Friday night's at , shattering the originally expected attendance.

The show -- which featured the works of local artists who participated in January's Fun-A-Day project -- began nearly half-an-hour early, as groups of eager art patrons couldn't wait to make their way inside.

Due to the overwhelming turnout, many of the artists on display sold pieces of their work, and a handful of lucky attendees received the unique stylings at a fraction of their price, courtesy of the Millionaire's Auction.

The show's coordinators and the participating artists were thrilled with the event. By night's end, there was already talk about planning another one in the upcoming months.

If you happened to miss the event, don't worry.  The Lansdale Patch was on the scene, and you can view all the highlights and features in our gallery. 

Additionally, if you have your own pictures from the show, feel free to add them to our gallery.


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