Local Gym Gets Props From Trappe Chiropractor

Dr. Swede complements the MaxOut Strength Studio in Limerick.

Have you found that you are too busy to keep that New Year's resolution? There is still plenty of time to get that fitness routine back on track, busy or not.

Dr. Douglas Swede, of Swede Family Chiropractic in Trappe, is a very busy man. He sees a lot of clients, and is interested in making as many people "healthy" as he can in one single day. His time is precious to him.

To find a workout that would truly work into his busy schedule was a tough task. But, once he tried MaxOut Strength Studio in Limerick, he was hooked.

"[MaxOut] allows for more time in my schedule," said Swede. "Being more fit, being stronger. It's a no brainer, give them a call."

He said having more time in his day is crucial to his business.

"Having more time means I can see more people, more people get healthy, and I increase my revenue, which helps me fund my lifestyle and helps my family out," he said.

In the time he's worked out at the studio, Swede said he is about to come in just one hour per week.

"It saves time," he said.

Instead of a several days a week workout, the single hour has gotten him far.

"I've increased my bench press 90 pounds and leg press 130 pounds," said Swede of his new abilities. 

He said the training has also helped him to lose sizes.

"I'm 249 pounds now," he said. "But I'm wearing my 216-pound clothes, basically down 35 pounds."

The MaxOut Strength Studio is a workout facility located at 70 Buckwalter Road in Limerick. The teams there say they can assist visitors into find a routine that is right for them. But, they aren't like any other gym you've visited.

"This [gym] is for everyone - especially the overwhelming portion of the population who currently are not active with a gym or health club membership," said the studio's website. "All of the fitness centers, gyms, and health clubs in America combine to attract roughly 15% of the population. The overwhelming 85% who don’t attend, list ‘Lack of Available Time’ as their top reason why they don’t go. The second most popular reason is ‘Lack of Results from Previous Attempts.’"

But MaxOut has the solution, according to its site.

"MaxOut has solved these very real issues by combining new technology with scientific applications and created The World’s Only Once-per-Week Workout™ with guaranteed results," it said.

For more information on the MaxOut Strength Studio, call 610-948-5959.


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