Nutrition Education From an Expert

Montgomery County Extension adds to its nutritional team.

Carolyn Willis is new to Montgomery County Extension, though not to the Nutrition Links program.

Transferring from Delaware County Extension to Montgomery, Carol brings with her nine years of experience as a Nutrition Education Adviser. Nutrition Links partners with community agencies, religious centers, and government programs that serve limited income families. Through a series of classes, Nutrition Education Advisers increase knowledge and skills of youth and Adults raise children.

Lesson topics include food budgeting, healthy food choices, cooking skills, and safe food handling practices. Improvements in these areas are proven to lessen dependency on community food pantries, stretch food dollars, and increase daily nutrients reducing long term health risk.  The limited resource residents of Pottstown and surrounding vicinity can expect high quality education to grow healthy families. 

Agencies serving limited resource families and youth interested in offering nutrition, diet and healthy lifestyle classes should contact the Montgomery County office and visit the Nutrition Links website for more information.

Here is just one example of the positive changes possible from attending Nutrition Links classes:

A participant recently shared her diagnosis of high blood pressure. In class, she learned how to read labels, and other strategies to reduce sodium in her diet. At home, she has been applying these new skills and preparing the recipes from class for her family.  As a result, her health has improved dramatically.  She is also sharing gained knowledge with family and friends.  Recently, her sister complained about feeling stuffed after eating a meal. The participant shared what she had learned in class that it takes 20 minutes for the brain to register when a person is full.  She advised her sister to eat slower, enjoy her food and pay attention to her body to know when she is full.  Skills we all can benefit from to live healthier lives.

Information courtesy of PSU Cooperative Extension, Montgomery County


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