SC Company Awarded Big Patent

Spring City Electrical has been awarded a big U.S. patent in relation to LED lighting.

The following comes from Laura Peters of LED Magazine:

Spring City Electrical has been issued a United States Patent that covers its CoolCast thermal management system and the CrossFire optical system of the company’s line of LED luminaires.

Patent No. 8,104,929 states that "the cast-metal dome roof and the LED light engines, wherein the light engine’s conductive metal substrate is in conformal contact with a portion of the inner surface of the roof such that the roof provides increased heat-sink mass and the outer surface of the roof provides a heat-dissipating surface area outside of the housing.

"Preferred embodiments include a street light wherein two LED light engines are mounted at about 20 and 160 degrees to a line parallel to the street segment to produce as asymmetric light profile that reaches over and along the street for an effective distance, but does not extend very far on the side away from the street."

The patent has been incorporated into 18 of Spring City’s classic fixtures. Fixtures with the technology have been installed at the US Military Academy, Indiana University, Cornell University, Johns Hopkins University, American University, and the cities of Topeka, Chicago, and Boston.

For the full story, click here.


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