Wegmans All-Purpose Flour Recalled

The company is recalling flour sold between Dec. 24, 2012 and Feb. 15.

Wegmans has issued a recall of its Wegmans brand all-purpose bleached flour because the flour may contain small blue polyurethane balls.

In its announcement, Wegmans said the balls are from the product's sifting equipment and are made of flexible food grade material. The balls are not sharp, but due to their bright blue color are easily seen in the flour, according to Wegmans.

All flour bags sold between Dec. 24, 2012 and Feb. 15, 2013 of this brand are being recalled. The flour may be returned for a full refund, said Wegmans.

Jeff Metzler February 20, 2013 at 08:44 PM
Many Wegmans products are inferior. They are purchased by TOPCO, Skokie, Illionois, and usually are marketed under the "Food Club" label. Just like Whole Foods, Wegmans is highly overblown. The best private label distributor is this region is ShopRite, which has its own food chemist lab in its HQ, and demands the most stringent quality control in the industry.
Jeff Metzler February 20, 2013 at 09:08 PM
ShopRite i offering FREE matzoh and hm for Pesach, Maria


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