Reiki and the Healing Process

Energy healing and Reiki's role in the healing process.

Healing vs. Curing

Healing is different than curing. Healing is a deep shift in mind, body and spirit to a  place of release and acceptance.

                                                                            - Robin Fuerst

We often associate healing with physical healing. Sickness is oftentimes the physical manifestation of underlying issues on a different level such as emotional or spiritual. Energy healing is based on the understanding that our bodies have both physical and non physical levels. 
The underlying issues are often connected to the physical symptoms that we experience. Echo Bodine lists some examples in her book, Hands That Heal:

Eye problems - What is going on in my life that I am not seeing clearly, or don't want to look at?
Ear problems - What's beign said to me that I don't want to hear?
Throat Problems - Is there something I want to say to someone that I am holding back? Do I find something in my life "hard to swallow"?

Disturbances originate on the non physical or 'subtle' level and eventually manifest into the physical body. Reiki is a method of energy healing that focuses on the subtle body. Other forms of subtle body healing techniques include acupuncture, homeopathy, chakra healing, distant healing, sound healing, Qigong, aura healing and Shamanic healing.

Reiki's Role in Healing

Healing does not happen because of the 'healer' or Reiki practitioner. It is never up to the person giving the healing. Instead, healing is up to the person being healed. Healing is a deep and personal process. It is very important for those involved in energy healing, such as for a Reiki practitioner to be detached from the outcome. As a Reiki practitioner, one has to accept that one is only a channel for the energy. Whether a person is healed or not is up to a higher power. When we get focused on healing someone, we are letting our ego get in the way. It is helpful to keep a humble perspective when channeling energy.

I affirm my intention before every Reiki session and silently state, "I allow my ego self to step aside so that only pure Reiki energy may flow through me." 

No one may ever really know why people get sick and why some people get better and some do not. Although we have good intentions in wanting everyone to be healed, what happens is never under our control. Our ego will resist, but we have to step aside and let go.

Healing Process

Healing is often a process and does not happen in an instant. Healing involves the releasing and letting go of issues that no longer serve us. The releasing process can sometimes show up as physical sickness, when the body physically gets rid of toxins accumulated in the body. We need to get rid of all the excess to make room for the new. This is sometimes referred to as a 'healing crisis'. It is also something that may be experienced after one receives their first Reiki attunement and which I personally experienced after I was first attuned to Reiki. It brought a major shift in my life, which was not subtle in any way. Sometimes the healing process involves a little storm with some rain and wind to wash off and carry away debris. And sometimes, it involves a tsunami of major proportions.

It is easy to see these initial events as 'bad'. However, we have to try and hold on and ride out the storm. This part is necessary so that we can release what no longer serves us and allow healing to replace the part of us that hate and fear used to occupy. If you are receiving Reiki treatments or have been first attuned to Reiki and experience a healing crisis, I urge you to keep on and trudge through, you will be glad you did.

Of course, the healing process is not always so dramatic. It doesn't always involve tragic events. I'm not implying that you should expect to experience disastrous life changes. Instead, I wanted to point out the possibility that this could happen. And if it does, do not be discouraged. Be empowered, we are always in control of our lives.

When we seek healing, we have to be prepared for a journey. We are asked to take responsibility and get in the driver's seat of our lives. We must allow ourselves to let go of debilitating beliefs and old habits to make room for healing. Most importantly, we have to trust, take a leap of faith and let go of the outcome.

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