Chiropractic and Reducing Stress, Part 2: Physical Stress

Dr. Kyle describes daily activities that put stress on your spine, and ways to help decrease these stressors.


On a daily basis, everyone is exposed to the 3 main stressors that have an effect on the body: physical, chemical, and emotional stressors.  As you may remember from Part 1, I talked about how chemical stressors can affect your everyday health, and now let’s talk about the physical stressors.


Physical stressors can come in many forms. They can be macro traumas (car accidents, big injuries, etc) or micro traumas (small everyday repetitive actions that build up over time to create issues in the body). 


In today’s culture, we see a lot of micro traumas due to the types of work people do. The culture of sitting at a desk or computer today has different consequences than somebody who works in construction, for example.


The seated position can put up 6 times as much pressure on the spine as laying down, and 1.5 times as much pressure as compared to standing. (http://www.danmacleod.com/Articles/rightangles.htm)

In addition, the seated position on a daily basis can be detrimental if there is no core strength to hold everything in place. When speaking with other Chiropractors that have practiced for many years, they have said that the people that sit most of the day are more difficult to help as compared to say a constructions worker. Yes, the construction worker may have a much more physically demanding job, but they have developed the core stabilization to help hold adjustments to the spine. Those that sit, and do not have the core stability, take more time to help because of the lack of core strength.

So, the key is movement! If you have the type of job that requires long hours of sitting, you should get up, walk around the office, and stretch as much as possible. A "kneeling chair" is also a much more ergonomically friendly chair for your spine. (See picture above)

Dr. Kyle’s rule of thumb: Drinking water is very important to your overall health as well. To know if you are drinking enough, you should feel the urge to have to go to the bathroom about once an hour. This also gets you out of your chair every hour.


Get up out of your chair, move around, and come in to get your spine checked at Swede Family Chiropractic. Stay tuned for Part 3: Reducing emotional stress.


To your health,

Dr. Kyle Klim
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