GALLERY: Hurricane Sandy's Aftermath

Here are some photos from around the Spring-Ford area.

All in all, despite heavy rain and very high-speed winds, the Spring-Ford area seemed to come through the other side of Hurricane Sandy in fairly good shape. 

Limerick's police chief, William Albany, told Patch today that there were some areas that the township is very concerned about, particularly on the northern side of the township around Steinmetz, Laver and Kurtz Roads.

As of midday, the township had asked PECO to prioritize getting into that area because there were people trapped in their homes with no way to evacuate. Otherwise, PECO and township public works staff are working very hard to get power back on and damage cleaned up. 

Royersford Borough Manager Michael Leonard said that the borough had gotten very lucky. The river did not flood up onto 1st Avenue, unlike last year during Hurricane Irene. 

"Last year we had water in the garages [at the Pointe at River Glen]," Leonard said. "This year it didn't come up."

Spring City Borough Manager Dennis Rittenhouse also said they'd gotten lucky and the damage was minimal. 

"Public Works crews are out cleaning up fallen branches on the roads and sidewalks," Rittenhouse said. 

Here's a gallery of photos from Tuesday morning. If you have photos, add yours too! 

Sharon J. Adams October 31, 2012 at 06:34 PM
Regarding cleanup of fallen trees on Main Street in Linfield. I understand that there are folks out there that are worse off but wanted to address this safety issue. On Monday night a tree fell on Main St at Church Rd. Wires were down and Limerick police secured with caution yellow tap and not much barrier to keep out. This was not enough as some were driving thru the yellow tape and of course walking under tape and then was blowing all over the place. I do not need to hear "well, Linfield can just wait as not top priority". First, Limerick township should have made sure it was barricaded it immediately, not Wed at noon. The reason for my rant is safety, school buses in that area. Now we are really over barricaded. Main Street is a evacuation penna state road. All you needed to do is barricade from Reform to Church and Main. And, barricade Reform to Main and of course just before Limerick Center Road. Yes, we can deal with no water, elect and have the wires secured, be displaced but tree there too long on evacuation route is unacceptable for safety concerns.


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