Transformer Fire Causing Power Outage in Royersford

Scanner reports indicate a blown transformer at 3rd Avenue and Chestnut Street.

Update 6:30pm:

Scanner reports indicate the tree fire has been put out. A PECO represetative said 762 customers are affected and the estimated restoration time is 11:00pm. 

Update 6:00pm:

Facebook reader Jamie Pistilli says PECO told her there is no time estimate and that 955 people are out. 


According to Montgomery County emergency dispatch, an outside electrical fire related to a blown transformer is causing a power outage along much of Royersford's waterfront streets. 

Radio reports indicate a tree fell on a power line. The power line did not break and fall on the street but it did cause the nearest transformer to explode and catch the tree on fire. 

Royersford Fire Company was on scene within ten minutes of the reports and was getting the fire under control. 

Several Facebook readers reported power was out. Kristen Kuterbach reported power went out and came back on at 3rd Avenue and Washington Street. 

Reader Jeremy Davis said power has been out at the RiverWalk townhomes on First Avenue for about 30 minutes.  

Davis was trying to make the best of the situation. "Me and my 15 month old son are enjoying a nice dinner of spaghettios by candle light while we wait for the power to come back," he wrote on our page. 

Patch has contacted PECO to find out if there's an estimated time for repair. Stay tuned for updates.

Ruth November 09, 2012 at 06:54 PM
I have not heard from my daughter since Hurricane Sandy hit. I live on the West Coast and I have no way to get to her. She lives in Royersford. Can you tell me what streets are affected. Ruth


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