Candidate Profiles: Dham, Matt and David Stehman for Royersford Borough Council

Learn more about local candidates in the Spring Ford area before Election Day on Nov. 5.

Royersford Borough council Candidates. Submitted Photos.
Royersford Borough council Candidates. Submitted Photos.

Election Day in Pennsylvania is Nov. 5 – and Patch is providing our readers with a look at the candidates running for office locally. 

Anil Dham, Matt Stehman and David Stehman are the three Democrats running for Royersford Borough Council.  Here is a look at their backgrounds, and what they want to do if elected:

Anil Dham

Name:   Anil Dham

Running for: Royersford Borough Council

Party Affiliation:  Democratic Party

Positions Previously Held:  First time candidate.  I have been employed as an outpatient orthopedic Physical Therapist for over 13 years.

Why are you running for office?  Having lived in Royersford for several years now, I hear my neighbors and friends in the community talk about the same issues that never seem to improve or resolve through the current Borough Council.  Royersford continues to see higher property taxes, wasteful spending, concerns about rampant speeding in the borough go unaddressed, and a vast number of vacant storefronts on Main Street that gives first time visitors to Royersford a negative impression.  I am running to resolve these issues and enable Royersford to remain a desirable place to live and raise a family.

What are the biggest issues facing your community?  The dual threats to our community are skyrocketing taxes and wasteful spending.  We have all seen our taxes in Royersford climb upward.  At the same time, the current Borough Council gladly spent $55,000 to replace 5 windows at Borough Hall.  $11,000 dollars per window! That money could have been better invested in attracting new businesses to Main Street, which would have diversified our tax base by bringing in jobs to the community.  This would keep or lower the taxes for all homeowners in Royersford, including many seniors who have proudly lived all their lives in Royersford but are struggling with ever increasing local taxes.

If elected, what do you hope to accomplish?  Within 4 years, our goal is to have Main Street full of new stores, restaurants, and businesses. We will see to it that property taxes remain low.  There will be stop signs at corners that have needed them for years but have been ignored by Council.   Better enforcement of speeding in Royersford to keep kids and residents safe and a complete real revitalization of the Borough will be on our list of things to accomplish.  Phoenixville has been a good model of success for how to positively transform a town.  By 2017, I want other towns and boroughs talking highly about Royersford's revitalization.  

Interesting fact about you:  My wife Kim and I got married at home plate at Citizens Bank Park in May 2012.

Matt Stehman

Name: Matt Stehman

Running for: Royersford Borough Council

Party Affiliation:Democratic Party

Positions Previously Held: No previous political positions held

Why are you running for office? Having grown up in this community as a Spring-Ford graduate and then serving our country in the US Marine Corps, I am ready to dedicate the next 4 years of my life to addressing the issues facing Royersford.

What are the biggest issues facing your community?  Some of the biggest issues facing Royersford revolve around the safety of our community.  Crimes such as vehicle break-ins, home burglaries, and drug related activity are increasing rapidly in the borough.  At the same time, residents we have spoken to have told us vehicles speeding and not stopping remains an issue that has gone unaddressed.  We are at a critical time to tackle these before the problems overwhelm and take over the community.  

If elected, what do you hope to accomplish?  I will strive to make the streets safer in Royersford beginning with better policing and an emphasis on reducing criminal activity.  

Interesting fact about you:  I proudly and honorably served as a Marine and it was the best experience of my life.

 Name: David Stehman

Running for: Royersford Borough Council

Party Affiliation: Democratic Party

Positions Previously Held: N/A

Why are you running for office?  As a local EMT with Friendship Fire Company, I see the struggles of our residents in Royersford daily.  I want to use my experience to help better the community that I've lived in nearly all my life.

What are the biggest issues facing your community?  Revitalizing Royersford is the most important issue for the folks I speak to.  Every week, all of us drive by Limerick, Collegeville, and Phoenixville and see the great vision those towns had that were critical to their success.  Royersford needs new leadership and energy to benefit both our community and the wonderful people living in our town.

If elected, what do you hope to accomplish?  A more open and transparent government that benefits the residents of Royersford.  People who live in our borough have a right to be able to find out where their taxes are being spent.  The borough website doesn't tell you where money is being spent, what is discussed during Borough meetings, or what is being done to revitalize Royersford.  

Interesting fact about you:  Last month, I married my high school sweetheart Danielle. 
If you are a candidate and would like to submit a questionnaire, e-mail brittany.tressler@patch.com.

Marsha Fedgchin November 03, 2013 at 10:14 AM
How about the republican candidates - it seems the patch is bias
Bob Michetti November 03, 2013 at 06:12 PM
It's a shame we have no new Conservatives running. There is no way I will vote for a liberal.
Rofo323 November 03, 2013 at 08:02 PM
Bob, if you read what these young men are looking to do or met with them as I have, you will understand that while they are on the Democratic ticket, they are looking to lower taxes and stop the crazy spending. I can appreciate that as a fiscal conservative!
Bob Michetti November 04, 2013 at 01:35 PM
Thanks for your response but you know as well as I do that Liberals raise taxes not lower them. I think we should have term limits that way things don't become stagnate. I live in the borough and its a Ghost town at night, Our council seems to drive business out of town instead of attracting new business, look at Media, West Chester, and Phoenixville their main street makes ours look sick. I believe in voting for the best person but i will have a hard time voting for a Democrat after they put that loser in the white house.


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