Have Anxiety Over Visiting the Dentist?

Here's What You Need To Know About Dental Sedation.


Have anxiety over visiting the dentist? You're not alone, and if you're struggling to make yourself visit the dentist for even simple routine cleanings then maybe you should consider sedation. Here's what you need to know: 

There are Different Levels of Sedation.
You don't have to be totally unconscious to reap the benefits of dental sedation. Many patients who fear the dentist also fear being completely out of control while sedated. Our office offers many options for sedation besides being completely knocked out. Oral sedation relaxes you while still giving you the ability to hear, understand, and respond. Our office provides Valium to patients who are nervous and wish to partake in oral sedation before a procedure. Nitrous oxide is also available as a form of dental sedation known "inhalation sedation". Just like oral sedation, you are relaxed while completely in control. Some patients liken the feeling of nitrous oxide to a glass of red wine. 

Your Insurance May Cover It.
Some dental insurances cover sedation during dental procedures, check with yours to see if they do! Even if not covered by your insurance, nitrous oxide and oral sedation are very affordable.

Sedation Can Be Used During Literally Any Dental Procedure.
If even the thought of going to the dentist makes you nervous then you still have the option of sedation during a routine cleaning or simple filling. Since dental sedation is completely safe it is beneficial for nervous patients to opt for nitrous oxide during any procedure, even routine cleanings, instead of avoiding the dentist completely. 


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Family Dental Care Center: Dr. Seth Rosen November 11, 2012 at 01:53 AM
Dr. Rosen has been a recipient of many awards and accolades. He is in the less than 10% of general dentists that are capable of placing dental implants. Dr. Rosen is known for not taking himself too seriously (thus the mouse ears), but his dentistry is taken beyond seriously. Otherwise he would not be able to: Offer a lifetime guarantee on all work, be regularly called upon after hours for emergency support by several local hospitals, maintain less than .5% patient loss (while the industry standard is 25%), maintain a staff that has less than 1% turnover in twelve years (the industry standard is 25% every five years). If he wasn't "serious" he would not be so accomplished. As far as "sniffing" around the help...were you aware that his wife, sister in law, and cousin are on staff? Also take into account that most of the remaining staff has been with Dr. Rosen since near the beginning of his career. Larger, less personal, practices are available nearby, just don't expect them to respond if you should have a true dental emergency.
Joe The Nerd Ferraro November 13, 2012 at 04:14 AM
It is a shame that you can attack someone and their livelihood from the veil of anonymity. If I already did not have a good dentist I would definitely look at this guy BECAUSE he has a sense of humor. He is providing solid info here, I posted what I did because it is obvious he can take a joke. (I cried laughing though when I saw the pic and headline.)
Joe The Nerd Ferraro November 13, 2012 at 04:15 AM
I have a good guy already. If I were in the market I would look seriously at you.
Family Dental Care Center: Dr. Seth Rosen November 13, 2012 at 03:14 PM
Thanks Joe! This is the first chance I have had to see all of this. Below I have written JXjipper's obituary: There is only one word etched into the headstone. It is a rare instance when one word can sum up an entire life, unless that life has no real consequence or achievement. This was a person that never stuck up for himself, much less others. He was always found either sitting in his home, sitting on the bench, or sitting in the shadows. He was always the employee, never the employer, thus avoiding being responsible for anyone but himself. His successes and failures were equal since he rarely tried. His limited risks were always veiled by anonymity and denial, lest his failures bring attention to his pitiful existence. The word we will have etched upon his headstone is "Coward".


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