I think twitter is a little misunderstood so I wrote this post to try and change the perspective of a few people. Hopefully it does and hopefully I see you there!


Most of the people I know are “on” facebook. Even me. I think facebook is a tremendous communication tool when used properly.


Problem is, I don’t think it is often used properly. I don’t think we can truly be ourselves on the site because “everyone is watching”.


Some people could care less if anyone is watching them. They will post, like and even share some of the crudest things you will ever see. And even though I don’t care for a lot for these posts, at least they are doing something different. They are being remarkable.


If I have posted a hundred things on Facebook, I bet I have posted 10, maybe 15 things that have been remarkable. I’m Boring.


I’m one of those guys that has a thought and starts typing it and before I hit submit I think to myself “No one cares about your stupid thought!”


I “x” out and go do something else.


That’s my problem with facebook. My wife, Clarissa, doesn’t have that problem. She posts things all day, everyday. And people comment and like her posts! God forbid I comment on something she posts. For the next day and a half I’m getting notifications on my phone.


“Jeanie Bueller (friends with Garth Volbeck) commented on Clarissa Laskey’s photo…”


It is sooOOOooo annoying. Notice I capitalized three O’s there in order to show just how annoying those notifications are. I know I can turn them off but I get the feeling liking and commenting on her posts are a good thing.


Because people like it when you show interest in their posts…


But this blog post isn’t about Facebook. It’s about the Social Media Giant’s little brother,Twitter.


You know the old question? If you could take 3 things to a deserted island, what would they be?


 Well for me, it would be an iPad, a power source and twitter. (Ask me tomorrow and the answer will be entirely different but I’m trying to make a point here!)


This is how I describe Twitter to anyone that is willing to listen.


“If you are interested in any one single topic, than twitter is for you”


 But for some reason, very few adults in this area are tweeting. And it seems like every time I discuss it with someone I have to give an elevator pitch on it.




The only reason you aren’t on twitter is because you have never been on twitter.




It’s Ok though. I needed someone to tell me about twitter. Consider this that moment for you. You’re welcome.


OK, so twitter is for anyone interested in anything. Right?




Say you like Sports (as I do) I follow ESPN and Glen Macnow. I also love up to the minute news so I follow USATodayCNN and even Sheena Parveen! I also like local information that is provided to me on sites like Patch or The Mercury.


 Oh and don’t think that I care that Sheena Parveen is just a weather girl. Have you seen her? The fact that she can be located on twitter should be more than enough to get any man to sign up!


Do you like musicfitnessHoward Stern?


Everyone is on twitter!


Except for about 95% of the people that I know.





Most common answers...

  1. I don’t care about Ashton Kutcher. (Well that makes 2 of us.)
  2. I don’t have time to tweet. (You’re darn right you don’t!! Because once you start, you can’t stop!)
  3. I don’t care about what you had for breakfast. (OK, this one is legitimate. My recommendation- If you’re following someone that actually tweets a meal then you can UNFOLLOW them. )


Although I have read studies that show tremendous success with weight loss when you share pictures of what you’re eating.



 What is a tweet?


According to Wikipedia, a tweet is a text-based message of up to 140 characters.


In addition to text, tweets can also consist of photos, videos and links to websites. In fact, most tweets that I see are links to sites. Even my own tweets typically have links to my site, like this one…


Keith Laskey ‏@Keith_LaskeyGrp

A few bits of information regarding @Progressive‘s Snapshot programhttp://www.keithrlaskey.com/2013/02/07/progressivesnapshot/ …


How is Twitter different from Facebook?


Twitter is rapid fire. A person posting on facebook may only post once an hour or once every few hours. Twitter is constant. It’s a constant conversation with as many people as are interested in communicating with you.


I have communicated with authorsbloggerspolice administrators, the family that adopted Bailey (my pug)…even my wife.


Clarissa won $100 from Best Buy in the early morning hours of Good Friday because she responded to a tweet. In fact, she has won tickets to see “Catch Me if you Can” at the Academy of Music as well as tickets to Scooby-Doo Live! Opportunities are without limit on twitter.


Coolest thing that’s ever happened on twitter?


New Years Eve, 2011


Howard Stern stumbles upon his movie, “Private Parts”


He spends the next 2+hours tweeting about the movie. Behind the scenes info, personal information, answering questions from people that sent him twitter messages, suggesting changes that could make the move better.


It was a perfect display as to how celebs could communicate with their fans.  


I know that most of you don’t like Howard Stern. It doesn’t matter. You get the point.


I guarantee that you can find interest with at least one of the 500 +million users.


If not, than that is your problem. Not twitter’s



Look. All I’m saying is give it a try. Twitter is what you make of it.


It is educational. It is entertainment. It is whatever it is you want it to be.



I’m available at @keith_laskeygrp. I hope to see you there.




Now Go Tweet Something!!!



I’m Waiting…

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Tim February 13, 2013 at 01:19 PM
Thanks for the article. Twitter is awesome. And I like Howard Stern!
Keith Laskey February 13, 2013 at 02:11 PM
Thanks for reading and for the comment Tim! What is your twitter handle?


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