Girls' Night Out for Mommy and Her Little Princess

Our Montco Mommy and her 4-year-old diva go for a little quality girl time.

My daughter is a diva. That isn’t news to anyone that knows her. At age 4, she is already far more "girly" than her mother. Somehow, this tomboy of a Montco Mommy birthed a princess of a little girl.

As we often do, last week my husband and I decided to split the kids up for a little bit of one-on-one time. The boys decided they wanted to go see The Avengers. The two, comic- and video-game loving boys headed off to the Movie Tavern in Collegeville to enjoy dinner and the flick.

We two girls were left to our own devices. I flat out asked what my little chick wanted to do for Girls’ Night Out, and she picked. In a completely stereotypical "girl" selection, she decided on a few things – the two of us were destined for the nail salon for a bit of pampering. My baby girl then wanted to head to dinner and shopping. She is all girl, what can I say?

I paint my daughter’s nails all the time. My sisters (all three of them) do. My mom does. She likes it. She is a tiny diva, and she enjoys getting all dolled up.

One of her favorite things to do involves donning her Disney make-up, princess dresses (complete with white gloves, tiara and parasol) and plastic high heels so she can simply prance around the house.

I had no issue taking her to a nail salon. I’ve seen in the local area where little salons have been set up solely for children. Sweet and Sassy has a new spot right next to the Movie Tavern in the Providence Town Center in Collegeville. To be quite frank, the only two things that stopped us from going were the prices (for kids nails, are you serious?) and the fact that mommy couldn’t get her pedicure too.

So instead, we opted for a place I often stop before my own major events. On the heels of the New Jersey mother who took her tiny tot to the tanning booth, I won’t lie, it crossed my mind that we might get more than a few dirty looks.

I’d say we had a solid mix of “really, lady you brought a 4-year-old?” and “oh my goodness, she is too cute” reactions while we enjoyed our girls’ night out. Either way, I’m not the kind of mom that honestly cares.

I understand some may have the perception that this is pushing ideals on my child that shouldn’t be considered at her age. Some may think I’m pressuring her to be “beautiful,” but she knows I think she is perfect just the way she is.

I’m not sure I agree, considering I seldom wear make-up, dress up or even do my nails that often. How I could be more of a living message that those things aren’t important? But somehow, my lack of "diva" only seems to add to her sense of princess.

No matter what others thought, we had a great time, and I am just happy when she is happy. I’m glad to see that little grin. She was thrilled to be treated like a big girl, and what girl doesn’t loved to be pampered sometimes?


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