Philadelphia Eagles Need Win Before Bye Week

The Philadelphia Eagles need a win over Detroit Lions Sunday as they go into bye week.

A 4-2 record or 3-3 record.

It's a big difference. And for the Philadelphia Eagles, beating the Detroit Lions Sunday to go 4-2 into a bye week could be the biggest win of the season.

The NFL is too strong this year and just having a .500 record doesn't cut it, especially if it means the Birds going into the bye having lost two straight.

It's hard to figure out this team.

The offense hasn't kicked it into high gear. The defense has been sound but not spectacular.

And while Michael Vick has put the team in position to win five of its six games, his fumbles cost the Birds potential points where Vick never might have needed to be in that position.

Also, Coach Andy Reid really hasn't shown ownership that he is doing everything possible to keep his job.

But such is life with the Birds.

Usually, at bye time, the Birds are iffy, their wings still clipped, not ready yet for flight.

But Reid comes out of the bye rolling (with a 13-1 record) and the Birds usually fly high through November and into the playoffs by the end of December.

So there's no reason to think the Birds won't finish 10-6 and make the playoffs.

After all, they just have to go 6-4 the rest of the way, just a game shy over .500.

And, based on some last-minute drives, the Birds could really either be 5-1, 0-6 or 3-3.

So the Detroit Lions are a team to beat -- and a team the Birds should give a beating.

But Vick needs to stop fumbling, special teams needs to stop sputtering and the defense needs to start showing some muscle.

It's like they're doing just enough to get by. Where's the sack pressure? Where's the killer instinct?

What happened to long ball too?

Why haven't we seen DeSean Jackson and Jeremy Maclin take it to the house on a 40-yard pass?

There are just so many questions with this team and so few answers.

Yes, it sounds like a broken record. But this is the same record that's spinning on Reid's record player for the past 14 years.

A win will help change the outlook a little bit. A loss will send the fan base into a panic.

It's not like Dallas, Washington and the Giants can't be beaten for the NFC East crown this year.

Wins are hard to come by in the NFL. Any team can be beaten this year. Just look at New Orleans and Green Bay.

The Birds need to start ruffling their feathers. "Fly Eagles Fly" is the team fight song.

Well, it's time to take flight.

Gugie October 14, 2012 at 09:55 PM
But NOT Today


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