Philadelphia Eagles Score in NFL Draft

The Philadelphia Eagles made some big picks in the recent NFL Draft and pulled out a few surprises.

There's a lot to get excited about if you're a Philadelphia Eagles fans these days.

For numerous years, the fan base has shaken its head after hearing the news about who the Philadelphia Eagles took in the NFL Draft.

Does anyone remember Mike Mamula? How about Freddie Mitchell? At least he had great hands—well, Mitchell said he did.

So when the Birds were gearing up for the recent NFL Draft, many fans were cringing over who their selections would be.

We had visions of Andy Reid dancing in our heads. And even though owner Jeff Lurie absolved general manager Howie Roseman from blame for past drafts, we weren't really buying it.

And then the Birds began selecting...

Now offensive linemen aren't the sexy picks we all love, but they usually turn out as safe and sound choices. Well, unless your guard happens to be a fireman, like Danny Watkins.

But when the Birds chose tackle Lane Johnson, we all nodded in support.

After all, this big fella will play right tackle for now, putting Todd Herremans back to guard, thus putting Watkins on the bench.

And Johnson may also move to left tackle one day to replace Jason Peters.

So that's a win-win all the way around.

Another winning move was the fact that the Birds didn't take West Virginia's Geno Smith as their quarterback of the future. No, Smith fell into the third round and will now try to make things happen with the New York Jets.

The second-round pick was a little surprising.

With Brett Celek at tight end and James Casey signed as a free agent, no one saw a tght end coming. But the Chipster grabbed Stanford tight end Zach Ertz, a man in motion who caused Kelly a lot of irritation playing against him at Oregon.

The next selection was another safe one and built up a little bulk on the defensive line.

Third-rounder Bernie Logan will fill the vacancy left by Cullen Jenkins and Mike Patterson. Again, probably an upgrade at this stage of the game.

But the next pick was one of the biggest surprises of the draft and may play a major role in the Birds' future.

We all may wonder if Matt Barkley will turn out to be this city's Charles Barkley.

But grabbing the USC Trojan Heisman Trophy candidate was a great move.

While Barkley stayed in college another year and was slowed by injury as a senior, he showed so much promise during his collegiate career that there was no way the Birds would not swoop in and scoop Barkley up.

So maybe Michael Vick—with an assist from Nick Foles—gets the Birds through another season, possibly an iffy one.

But Barkley could be our next Ron Jaworski. And there's nothing wrong with that.

All in all, you've gottta give Kelly and company an A on this draft report. It was solid all around.

Captain obvious May 05, 2013 at 12:01 PM
We all may wonder if Matt Barkley will turn out to be this city's Charles Barkley. Do you actually know sports or are you pretending? Charles Barkley WAS. The city's Charles Barkley.
qatazah May 05, 2013 at 01:24 PM
since chip likes oregan so much why not brang in cliff harris for another shot to if he can make a difference in the secondary?
ben leonard May 05, 2013 at 05:28 PM
Each guy taken in this first Kelly draft serves a purpose, each pick was rated higher than the round taken Seems each pick has something to prove: I belong here. Blending the free agents Eagles have a perfect set up for hard work, motivation and improvement. I like what Chip has done and look forward to rookie camp next week.
Joe Sommers May 05, 2013 at 06:14 PM
Although I respect Andy Reid... his time in Philly was well passed due. Our suspicions about his regimes poor drafting skills have been realized in just one draft .Chip Kelly did an outstanding job in the 2013 draft. I bet Howie Rosenman was taking copious notes watching Chip Kelly fill the Eagles needs with precision and stealth..Andy and Howie were the blind leading the blind during recent drafts. Lurie tried hiding the Howie's draft malstrom with his "it wasnt Howies fault speech" but we are smarter than that. I give Lurie credit for hiring Chip Kelly . he is a breath of fresh air.


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