Roller Coaster Temperatures Ahead This Week

Starting and ending cold, with another shot of mild and showery weather in between, is the theme of the coming week's weather.

The last couple of mornings have been a chilly reminder that winter is starting to settle in. For those thinking the snowy and nonstop cold of the past couple of winters is the "norm" around these parts, simply look past those winters to the brown landscape, occasionally dotted by snow, and yo-yo temperatures that would warm and melt your snow - the kind of weather we're accustomed to more often than not each winter.

That's more like it, and more like the weather of the coming week, except there's no snow on the ground here to start.

At least we have typical December temperatures (40s for highs, 20s for lows).

In between a cool start and a colder finish (we have a pretty good shot of avoiding 40 next Saturday), a midweek warmup will commence and bring with it a chance of showers on Thursday and Thursday night. In fact, Thursday night itself could be quite mild and breezy as a storm system tracks through the Great Lakes and into Canada, pushing a cold front east with rain along it.

Rainfall along the front does not look significant at this point - merely showers or a brief round of rain as the front crosses through. This rain could be preceded by some showers during the morning hours as well but most of the focus for showers with this pre-frontal shot of rain would be to our north and northwest. Temperatures could make a run at 60 near Philly on Thursday evening, with 50s common for much of Thursday night before the front comes through on Friday morning.

Friday may bring falling temperatures along with a pretty stiff breeze as colder air returns in the wake of the front as we return to more typical December weather. The pattern looks to rinse and repeat itself next week as well as another storm system organizes for midweek next week, with warm air coming up the coast ahead of the storm before cool air hits in the storm's wake. Snow, right now, doesn't look likely for a while.


Tom Thunstrom is the editor and publisher at Phillyweather.net.


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