Surging Again Toward 60

November in January is the theme for the first half of the week as temperatures are poised to make a run at 60 degrees by Wednesday. However, reality returns...eventually....with colder temperatures late this week.

I give credit to my dad for giving some inspiration to me for the first lines of this week's column. While giving me a hand on Sunday getting furniture from a family friend, he took a look and commented that it looked and felt like a fall day outside.

I mused a few times in December that it was a November-in-December type month. Who knew that late-January would feature a return to November? Or perhaps a surge to March and April...  You can choose which way you'd like to lean. It won't last, however.

Temperatures the last couple of weeks have been rather warm in the Southern United States - running 10 degrees above average in spots since the middle of the month. Despite an early week shot of chill across the South and East, that shot of chill retreats quickly as we work into Tuesday, with the bubbling of warmth surging east through the country.

We could flirt with 60 on Tuesday across parts of Delaware and even into Philly - my forecast is a bit cautious since forecasting temperatures that would be 20 degrees above average isn't something one does too often in winter. Before I digress too much, those warm temperatures will last into Wednesday before a cool front crosses the region and brings a few showers with it and ends the warmth.

The latter half of the week is not as clearcut of a forecast. There are hints of a storm or perhaps two storms - one on Thursday night into Friday that looks to be primarily rain for the region, with a second storm for Super Bowl Sunday. The second storm has the potential to be a bigger system in terms of impact and could bring a colder pattern in its wake, and could also bring a litany of precipitation types with it.

It's still way too early to get a handle on what that storm will do or even if there will be a storm but for those who are fans of more "typical" wintry weather you won't have to wait much longer. After Wednesday, things look to make a turn for the colder for at least a little while.


Tom Thunstrom is the editor and publisher of Phillyweather.net. You can follow the site on twitter@phillywx.


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