Local Police Warn of Advertising Scam

An advertisement published in local papers, promises residents $200 per week to display a logo on their cars.

Police lights. Credit: Patch
Police lights. Credit: Patch

Local police are warning residents of a scam after a Collegeville man almost fell victim to a scam that was advertised in a local newspaper.

According to the Reporter, police are warning of an advertisement that promises around $200 per week for residents to wrap their cars in a vinyl logo of the company.

The advertisement ran in The  Pottstown Mercury, as well as papers in California and Idaho.

The Collegeville victim told police he communicated with suspects through e-mail and text messages.  A money order of $1,730 arrived at the man’s home from a Texas bank, with instructions to deposit the order and send it to an address in Philadelphia.

The victim then began to question the process and contacted police.

Sgt. Bruce Penuel told The Mercury that the Texas bank is also linked to scams being run in California and Idaho, and an investigation is underway.

“We want residents to be careful. We know these scams target the elderly as well as the under-employed and unemployed,” Penuel said.


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