Convicted Serial Robber Arrested at Limerick Outlets: Limerick Police

Carl L. Speight, of Philadelphia, allegedly tried to steal from the Coach and Tommy Hilfiger outlets.

Carl Speight. Credit: Limerick Township Police Department.
Carl Speight. Credit: Limerick Township Police Department.

A convicted serial robber was arrested at the Philadelphia Premium Outlets on Monday after trying to steal from two stores, according to the Limerick Township Police Department.

Carl L Speight, 47, of Philadelphia, was caught Monday allegedly stealing two purses from the Coach store and attempting to return them, according to Limerick Township Police Chief William Albany.

An employee recognized Speight, and said he stole two bags from the store on Black Friday; he was also identified as the subject who fled before police arrived at a theft from the Tommy Hilfiger outlet on Black Friday.

Speight’s criminal history spans eight pages; he pleaded guilty more than seven counts of retail theft since 1992 in Montgomery and Philadelphia counties, and has served considerable jail time.

More recently, Speight was arrested for an alleged 2009 theft from the Philadelphia Premium Outlets, and alleged thefts in October in Lower Moreland and November in Upper Merion.

Gee December 03, 2013 at 10:15 AM
When will this country ever learn. Just cut off his hands. He will think twice before taking items that do not belong to him.
John Scioli December 04, 2013 at 10:15 PM
Kudos to the Limerick police for being on the ball. Perhaps the word will spread to the criminal underworld not to steal in Limerick because the Limerick Police officers are on top of their game. Bravo Limerick PD. Bravo!!!


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