Four Charged in Tri-County Burglary Spree

The suspects allegedly struck more than 25 single-family dwellings, using the victims' pillow cases to carry the stolen items, which frequently included cash, jewelry, electronics and guns.

Four Montco men have been arrested in connection with a summertime burglary spree that struck more than 25 single-family homes across the tri-county area.

Between June 12 and July 23, state police allege that Jason Baldwin, 34, Fabrice Careme, 26, and Gregory Eagle, 29, all of Pottstown, as well as Patrick Brumbaugh, 20 of Lansdale, committed more than 25 day time burglaries throughout western Montgomery County, eastern Berks County and northern Chester County in June and July of this year.

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According to court records, all of the alleged burglaries shared a common scheme and design, with all break-ins happening on weekdays between 7 a.m. and 6 p.m. The suspects allegedly struck only single-family dwellings, and in most cases, the suspects used the victim's pillow case to carry the stolen items, which frequently included cash, jewelry, electronics and guns. Access was typically gained to the homes either by unsecured front doors, or by forcing entry to a side or rear door.

Several witnesses described seeing a white Chevy S10 pickup truck with a red "Audio Sensations" sticker on the rear window near the scenes of several burglaries. The vehicle was later stopped by the Limerick Police where it was found to be owned by a woman named Johanna Domena. Records indicate that Domena informed police that the truck belonged to her brother, Jason Baldwin, but that the vehicle was placed in her name so he could get car insurance.

Baldwin was arrested and incarcerated on unrelated charges several days later, and when questioned by police about the burglaries, he allegedly explained that he had met Eagle through their mutual friend, Careme, who was subsequently incarcerated on burglary charges a few weeks later. Baldwin stated that Eagle would frequently use his truck for short periods during the day, and once he learned what Eagle had been doing, he wanted "a piece of the action." Police allege that Baldwin then admitted to robbing multiple homes, and he later directed the authorities to several pawn shops throughout the Philadelphia area where he and Eagle sold the stolen jewelry and electronics.

Several days after Baldwin's arrest, state police encountered Brumbaugh and Eagle along Spring Mount Road in Lower Frederick Township. The two suspects were occupying a black Hyundai, which matched the description of a vehicle that fled the scene of a failed burglary attempt earlier that day.

Witnesses were driven by the scene of the traffic stop, where they identified both Brumbaugh and Eagle, who were then taken into police custody. Records indicate that once in custody, Brumbaugh confessed to the failed burglary attempt, as well as several other burglaries in the area, and he later joined police on a "drive around", where he identified the homes that he had allegedly burglarized.

Victims of the burglaries identified numerous items recovered during the investigation during a showing at the Skippack Barracks of the Pennsylvania State Police in October.

Eagle, Careme, and Baldwin are being held at the Montgomery County Correctional Facility pending a Dec. 14 preliminary hearing.

Brumbaugh was released on $10,000 unsecured bail and is scheduled for a preliminary hearing on Dec. 21.

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Roy Martin December 11, 2012 at 07:18 PM
Tongue in cheek, Gabrielle. I'll bet your house they're on drugs!
Joshua Z Stouch December 12, 2012 at 08:42 AM
FYI - at least one of the subjects named in the article has previous criminal arrests for drug use/possession. In my experience, a large majority of burglars, scrap metal thieves, etc are not stealing to "live", they are stealing to supplement some sort of addiction; sex, drugs, gambling, etc etc. It is truly a shame - I previously had written an article on the epidemic of heroin, and this is another example of how it affects not only the user but the community.
Ruth December 13, 2012 at 12:25 PM
Joshua, it is truly a shame. A lot of people are stealing to get Christmas gifts for their families.It is wrong, no two ways about it.
henry eroh January 25, 2013 at 04:27 PM
maybe if they did hang them this sh-t would slow down or stop- roy way to go I believe like you- Gabrel if you don't want to see them hanged how about we chop off ome fingers first offense and then hands 2nd time- 3rd time HANG em
Aimee Schade September 11, 2013 at 01:40 PM
Ahhhh... None of you people actually know what happened. The newspaper only tells you what they want to. And Henry Eroh.. If I'm correct.. Your son has been in and out of jail since 18 for similar crimes. Don't judge and throw someone under the bus when you're own son is also a Heroin addict and has stolen on numerous occasions and been in jail countless times.


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