Kohl's Targeted by Multiple Thieves

Four separate thefts were reported by the store in the last week.

Loss prevention staff at the Royersford Kohl's were kept busy over the last week by four incidents of retail theft, according to police reports filed by Limerick Township police officers. 

September 24

A Pottstown woman was issued a summary citation for theft on September 24 after allegedly taking $72.14 worth of merchandise from the store. 

Anita Lewis, 51, of Keim Street in Pottstown was detained by Kohl's loss prevention officer Katie Sabino after she reported took the items and attempted to leave the store with them. 

Kohl's chose not to prosecute, according to police records, so Lewis was cited and released. 

September 25

Sergeant Paul Marchese responded to the Kohl's on September 25 for a retail theft in progress. 

Sabino reported that a black male wearing green sweatpants and a black sweatshirt came into the store, went to the shoe department and put on a pair of black sneakers. The male then exited the store without paying.

Sabino followed the male but he ran towards the Wawa on Township Line Road when he noticed her. Upper Providence and Royersford police assisted Limerick in searching for the male but he was not located. 

September 28

According to a police report, Limerick resident Jill Eckhoff was cited for retail theft on the evening of Sept. 25. Eckhoff allegedly placed a 4-quart Calphalon slow cooker in the bottom of a Kohl's shopping cart, then took it to customer service and tried to return it with a receipt from a previous purchase. 

The loss prevention officer, who had reportedly seen the theft take place, allowed the transaction to go through and then confronted Eckhoff, who cooperated.

Police reported that Eckhoff was cited and then released.

Also on September 28, four unidentified people - two males and two females -entered the store and reportedly loaded two carts and two trash bags with approximately $3,000 in merchandise. 

Sabino reported that the two males served as lookouts while the two females left via separate exits. The four escaped in a gray Pontiac Grand Prix.

Sabino also told police that the same males, with different females, stole items from the store on September 1, and have been reported as responsible for thefts from the Kohl's in Granite Run Mall on September 9 and 22.

Sabino provided police with photographs and was advised to call 911 if the same people were seen in the store again.

Ginny Jeffries October 05, 2012 at 02:10 PM
I'm not a thief but if I was, it sounds like Kohl's would be a good place to rob since they decline to prosecute, the people are cited & released or they get away! Then we all pay for this in higher prices.
John Q. Public October 05, 2012 at 03:22 PM
Interesting point, Ginny. Perhaps if Kohl's did press charges, the news might deter the area's many thieves?
SMYRNA-X October 06, 2012 at 12:27 PM
That loss prevention officer is busting her butt for what? If everyone who steals is cut lose, or gets away, why bother? I know its her job, but what is kolhs management doing to be proactive. I think putting the thieves info and pictures up at stores and website would be awesome.
Bill Yohe October 07, 2012 at 11:51 AM
sounds like Katie Sabino is the Super Cop of Kohls


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