Nude Spring City Man Cited Twice in One Night, Police Say

Spring City officers were called to a New Street apartment complex twice in less than one hour.

Handcuffs. Credit: Patch
Handcuffs. Credit: Patch

A Spring City man was cited with public drunkenness, harassment and disorderly conduct after allegedly causing a disturbance, while naked, at his New Street apartment complex, on Tuesday according to police.

Spring City Police officers responded to call of an intoxicated man causing a disturbance in an apartment building on the 400 block of North Penn Street in Spring City around 11:50.

The man, identified as Scott Kilpatrick, was allegedly naked and screaming in the apartment complex.

Police got the Kilpatrick under control and cited him for disorderly conduct and public drunkenness, according to a report.

Roughly 40 minutes later, police were called to another disturbance at the complex involving Kilpatrick. He was then arrested and removed from the property. 

Kilpatrick was released around 6 a.m. Wednesday.

Mike Hays January 24, 2014 at 11:45 AM
We appear to have a monopoly on lunatics in my town.
Local Yocal January 24, 2014 at 06:07 PM
If the council would inspect rentals annually, limit renters per unit, enforce building codes, and turn up the heat on absentee landlords, maybe rent prices would rise to a level that riff-raff could not afford. This property is owned by one of the ... well ....we all know the players.....


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