Police Blotter

A briefing of police activity in Limerick, with a report from the Pennsylvania State Police.


The logged 151 incidents between April 9 and 15. Of them, 21 were deemed false alarms.

Yard Sleeper Receives Public Drunkenness

Police reported responding Officer Christopher Iochum being dispatched to 1241 Main St. in Linfield on April 7 at 1:34 a.m. for a man sleeping on the grass. Upon arrival, Iochum confirmed the complaint, reporting that he was sleeping about three feet from the road.

When police woke the man up, they said he was confused, but told them he was at the . He was identified by police as Justin D. Reid, 31 of Azalea Circle in Limerick. Iochum reported Reid was stumbling and submitted to a PBT, which allegedly showed positive results for alcohol consumption.

A citation for public drunkenness will be mailed to Reid.

Alleged Domestic Dispute at Applebees

On April 14 at about 2:39 p.m., Sergeant Paul Marchese was allegedly dispatched to for a domestic dispute in the parking lot.

Witnesses from the inside of Applebees reported to police they saw an assault happen in a Chevrolet Malibu in the parking lot. Witnesses were reportedly sitting at tables located near the windows of the restaurant.

The reports from witnesses also state a black man with a goatee was seen punching a black female in the face and pulling her hair as she continuously tried to exit the vehicle. When police arrived, the black man reportedly tried to drive away, but Marchese reported he and Corporal Fitz Duffy boxed the car in.

The man was ordered to exit the vehicle three times, police said. During that timeframe, the man allegedly leaned over "as if to grab something from underneath the seat." Marchese said he and Duffy assumed the man was reaching for a weapon, so they drew their weapons.

As it turns out, the black male with the goatee was found to be a black female with a goatee, Robin N. Ross, 33 of Pottstown. She was handcuffed immediately when she exited the car, police said. Ross told police, reportedly, that she was trying to hide the keys form the passenger.

Police reported Ross smelled of alcohol and blew a .155 BAC. She was allegedly cited for public drunkenness, harassment and disorderly conduct.

Eight Sets of Inspection Stickers Missing from Fred Beans

On April 11 at 8:54 a.m., Officer Pat Roche was dispatched to for an alleged theft. It was reported to Roche that eight sets of inspection stickers, worth $16, were scraped from the windshields of eight vehicles. Roche reported the vehicles had visible scrappings of inspection stickers on the windshields. Further action is pending.


The did not submit reports this week.

Spring City

The did not submit reports this week.

Pennsylvania State Police

The Pennsylvania State Police Skippack Barracks submitted the following incident of note.

Charges Pending on Man Making Obscene Gestures

Trooper Stephen M. Kamnik reported a Thomas M. Fissinger, 22 of Royersford as allegedly making obscene gestures to passing motorists on the Limerick exit of 422 on April 14 at about 9:04 a.m. Fissinger was reportedly on foot, walking near traffic at the location.

"Futher investigation determiend the actor to be intoxicated," Kamnik said in the report. "Charges are pending.


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