Police Blotter: Retail Thefts, Trespassing in Limerick

Retail stores continue to be a target for shoplifters.

Limerick Township police handled over 200 incidents in the last week, from thefts to traffic incidents to burglaries. Here are a few of the notable incidents for the week. 

Theft at True Religion

Police were called to the True Religion store at the Philadelphia Premium Outlets for the report of two people allegedly stealing clothing from the store. 

Officers Christopher Iochum and Brian Tyler responded to the report and spoke to a True Religion employee, who said that two juvenile suspects, one male in a blue hoodie and one female wearing black, were possibly stealing jeans. Security personnel told Tyler that two suspects were seen running toward the Costco. 

Iochum searched the area of the Costco and spotted the two juveniles on the hill behind the Costco. Both fled from Iochum but were stopped by a Lower Pottsgrove police officer when they ran back through the Costco lot.

Iochum found two bags, a Neiman Marcus bag with a "booster bag" lining and a Forever 21 bag, at the location where he had spotted the suspects. The Forever 21 bag contained a sweater that Iochum described as a decoy, a common ploy in retail theft that makes it look like something was bought at another store.

Iochum searched the Neiman Marcus bag and found two twill cargo jackets valued at $129.99 each. A True Religion employee identified the jackets as belonging in the store and identified the two juveniles as the alleged thieves.

The two juveniles, a 16-year old male and a 15-year-old female, were both arrested and charged with theft. 

Trespassing and Attempted Theft

A Spring City woman and a Linfield man were arrested after police found them on the Kinsey property at 1301 Main Street, Linfield around 10:30pm on December 27. 

Samatha Brigman, 22, was found in a car on the property and 22-year-old Quincy Scott Marks was stopped as he exited the building on the property. They had allegedly cut a chain and driven on to the property, and according to police records Marks said that he was looking for metal to steal so he could sell it and "afford an abortion for Brigman". 

Both suspects were charged with trespassing and Marks was additionally cited for criminal mischief for the damage to the chain. 

Alleged sock thief

A Linfield man was arrested at the Royersford Kohl's depratment store on December 28 for allegedly stealing a pair of socks from the store. 

Andrew Schellhamer, of Brownback Road, Linfield, was arrested after he was seen allegedly stealing a pair of socks from Kohl's on their security video. A Kohl's employee noted the license plate of the vehicle in which the suspect left the store. 

The vehicle was located at a nearby apartment complex and Schellhamer was discovered inside an apartment there. Police saw the pair of socks in plain view, and Schellhamer reportedly admitted to stealing them. 

Schellhamer was arrested and charged with retail theft. He was transported to Pottsotwn Police Department for holding and then turned over the the Philadelphia Police Department after police found an active warrant there. 

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