Pottstown Woman Charged in Online Stalking

Allegedly used Twitter to exhort others to violence towards a county judge, others

A Pottstown woman has been charged with stalking and other offenses after allegedly using Twitter to exhort others to violence against a county judge and other county officials.

The Mercury reports that Sadiyyah Young, 33, of East High Street, appeared before county judge Wendy Demchick-Alloy in 2007. Demchick-Alloy removed Young's children from her care.

Following the judge's order, the paper reports, Young began to distribute flyers with "derogatory information" about Demchick-Alloy, as well as lawyers and Montgomery County officials from the department of Children and Youth.

Last year, Young allegedly began using the Twitter social networking service to post "derogatory and harassing messages" about various people in the region, including posting Demchick-Alloy's home address and telephone number. A New Year's Eve posting in 2011 allegedly exhorted others to break the windows and "cut the tires" of the people she'd specified.

In a criminal complaint, county detective William Mitchell reportedly said Young has "recklessly placed these individuals in harm's way."

Young is reportedly free on bail pending trial.


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