Royersford Man Held for Threatening Police [UPDATED]

A suspect called 911 threatening to kill a police officer early Wednesday morning.

Updated 1:00pm:

The Royersford Police Department has released more details on Wednesday's incident. 

The chain of events began at the Brick House Tavern in Pottstown at about 1:34am, where Daniel Ellis allegedly told a Brick House bartender that he was "going to kill a Royersford cop if they didn't leave his family alone" and that he had a gun and "it was going to be [Ellis] or a cop."

Royersford media relations officer Thomas Godin Sr. told Patch that Ellis  allegedly made repeated calls to 911 threatening to kill officers. He reportedly threatened his spouse, as well. 

Ellis also reportedly claimed he had shot someone at a location on King Street in Pottstown and at 201 Main Street in Royersford. Both locations were checked and no shooting victims were found.

Sgt. Paul Marchese from Limerick Township, assisting in the search, located Ellis after a beer bottle was thrown at him from the apartment building on 2nd Avenue. 

Ellis was reportedly very combative and aggressive with officers. At one point during his arrest, he became unresponsive and medics were called. 

Godin said that Ellis was treated with an anti-opiate called Narcan, at which point he was revived and, Godin reported, continued behaving aggressively with medics and ambulance staff. 

After being released from Phoenixville Hospital, Ellis was transported to MCCF. During the trip he allegedly tore the door handles from the inside of a Royersford police car and chewed on a wire from inside the door. 

Ellis will be arraigned via video from MCCF this afternoon. 

Earlier story: 

Royersford Police arrested a borough resident early Wednesday morning after he called 911 threatening to "kill a Royersford police officer". 

According to a release from the Royersford Police Department, 39-year-old Dan Ellis of Royersford was arrested at 2nd Avenue and Main Street at about 1:30am. 

Ellis allegedly made multiple threats by calling 911, and when he was stopped, threw beer bottles at responding officers. 

Ellis was eventually detained, according to the report, and was transported to Montgomery County Correctional Facility on a probation violation. According to court records, Ellis is charged with aggravated assault (a 2nd degree felony) and misdemeanor charges of making terroristic threats, disorderly conduct and harrassment. Ellis will also face charges for allegedly damaging the jail cell at the Pottstown Police Department. 

Court records show Ellis was paroled and placed on probation in 2010 after pleading guilty to assault charges. 

Lorraine613 January 02, 2013 at 06:00 PM
What an idiot! I wonder what his IQ is. Why doesn't it surprise me that he was on probation. Assaults and terroristic threats like this have to be taken seriously by the courts. He should get jail time for this. Throw the book at him!
Dynamo47 January 03, 2013 at 11:47 AM
Sounds like the general public and the taxpayers would have been better off had the officers just not treated him with the Narcan
Cobragrl January 08, 2013 at 08:25 PM
I thought the same thing Dynamo47


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