Royersford Woman Arrested for DUI, Assault

After a car accident, a Royersford resident allegedly injured a police officer while resisting arrest.

Upper Providence police arrested 42-year-old Anna Dawson on Sunday evening, September 16, after two Fish and Boat Commission Officers discovered Dawson and a passenger in a damaged car alond 2nd Avenue in Royersford.

According to an affidavit of probable cause, the two Fish and Boat Commission officers came upon Dawson's car and believed the car had been in an accident, so they called police.

Officer Jeffrey Hilt responded. Upon arriving at the scene, Hilt reported, he noticed a trail of fluid coming from Dawson's car that "smelled like gasoline and some other fluid."

Hilt noted in his report that Dawson's breath allegedly "smelled strongly of alcohol." When Hilt asked Dawson if she had been drinking, she reportedly said, "I've been at a wedding. Of course [I've] been drinking."

He investigated the fluid trail and then returned to the scene. As he arrived, he reported that he saw Dawson walking away from the car along 2nd Avenue.

Hilt reported that he attempted to stop Dawson from walking away, but she allegedly swung her hand at his face in an attempt to slap him.

Hilt said he advised Dawson she was under arrest and she allegedly refused to comply. Dawson allegedly struggled so much that Hilt said he was forced to physically restrain her in order to handcuff her.

Hilt reported that Dawson allegedly started "banging her head against the rear driver's side window" of his patrol car. When Hilt tried to stop her, he said, she again attempted to "flail free" and injured his left thumb and right forearm.

Hilt's report also said that Dawson had to be forcibly restrained in the back seat of the patrol car. Dawson allegedly started kicking the rear window, cracking it, and according to the affidavit had to be removed from the car a second time to prevent her from "putting her bare feet through glass."

Dawson was transported to the Upper Providence Police Department and charged with multiple offenses, including aggravated assault, driving under the influence, resisting arrest, and disorderly conduct. 

Dawson was arraigned in District Court 38-1-08 before Magistrate District Judge Katherine McGill. Bail was set at $5,000. 

Dawson is scheduled for a preliminary hearing on September 26 in Judge Walter Gadzicki's court.


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