Smoke Damages Limerick Home

Emergency crews responded to a fire call in the Golf Ridge subdivision.

Limerick and Linfield Fire Department crews, among others, responded this evening to an emergency situation that turned out to be a home full of smoke from a basement heater.

Limerick Fire Department deputy chief Glen Russell said that the house, on Dusseldorf Road in Limerick, was filled with smoke when the homeowner returned home. She called 911 and reported that all her smoke detectors were going off and the house was full of smoke. 

Fire crews arrived and located the problem in the basement. Russell said there was no fire, but the preliminary investigation showed it might be related to a heater for a turtle tank. 

Crews were on scene for about an hour and a half before the incident was over. 

Russell said that the only lasting effects would probably be smoke damage and smell, and a restoration company was coming to assist the homeowner with that. 


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