Students Evacuated from Spring-Ford's Lewis Road Schools

Transformer problems caused fire alarms to go off late this afternoon.

Students at Spring-Ford Area High School were evacuated from the building late this afternoon after a fire alarm sounded.

The students were taken to the 8th Grade Center, according to a parent's post on Facebook. 

The alarm was originally thought to be caused by a generator fire, according to fire and police scanner reports, but the issue was discovered to be with a transformer at the back of the school. 

The transformer had blown and was leaking oil, according to Linfield Battalion Chief Rick Dunn.

"We had this one go, and then another one there [the 7th Grade Center] and then a couple more," Dunn said. "It was like there was an electrical bug jumping around."

The problem affected transformers surrounding all four schools in that area of Lewis Road. 

As of 5:15pm, the situation at the high school was under control and students were being allowed back in a controlled manner to collect their belongings, Dunn said.  

Anonymous September 19, 2012 at 04:06 PM
It was sooo crazy. I was at cheer practice in the remedial gym and when the fire alarm went off, we went out the doors right next to a generator that was on fire. We were then told to go to the 9th grade center gym and when we got there was also another fire. We finally got into the 8th grade center and everybody was going completely insane. On the brightside we have no school today because of it.


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