Barack Obama Wins Pennsylvania

Voters in Pennsylvania on Tuesday cast their ballot for Barack Obama, giving the president the state's 20 electoral votes.

Mutliple media outlets are calling President Barack Obama the projected winner of  Pennsylvania's 20 electoral votes.

In the 2008 presidential election, the state voted for Barack Obama, and since the 1990s, has voted for the overall winner of the presidential race 3 out of 5 times.

Romney and Obama campaigned aggressively in Pennsylvania. The state has typically been a Democratic stronghold in recent presidential elections. 

Romney spent part of Election Day in Pittsburgh and

On Monday, former President Bill Clinton was in the Philadelphia suburbs and Romney surrogates, including former New York swept through eastern Pennsylvania, including a stop at Bethlehem's Westgate Mall.

TMFCAQ November 07, 2012 at 02:58 AM
GOOD. I ALSO VOTED OBAMA (because I think he'd punish the country more) TO DO LIST: 1.)RAISE TAXES. Let billionarres hide their money. Then you go to the middle and poor, they have nothing to tax. SO.....we'll go to upper income folks, "rich" people earning $100k, $120k, $200k............and TAX them. 2.)CLOSE LOOPHOLES like the mortgage deduction. Bucks County: Pay more taxes. No more mortgage deduction on large houses. What will you get in return? Less cops, less education money. I hope Obama continues his agenda, as it will rightfully give certain voters what they deserve. My only regret is the GOP will hold the House which will prevent Obama from going too far Left. Oh yeah, raise taxes on dividends and capital gains. Wonder if that hurts Bucks County or Alabama more? :) Oh yeah, ObamaCare soon goes into effect. Millions of more patients into doctor's offices and doctor shortages ensue. I wonder who sees a decline in quality? Bucks County or Detroit? :) Hopefully health insurance benefits form employers get taxed. I wonder who gets more health benefits form professional jobs? Bucks County folks, or people in Alabama? :) OBAMA 2012. Give them more Mr President. Teach them a lesson. I voted for you for this reason. Treason feels kinda cool.


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