County Commissioners Race Heats Up

A confident group of Republican hopefuls held a Thursday morning press conference in support of the Brown-Castor ticket.

With the Montgomery County Republican ticket standing behind them, Jenny Brown and Bruce L. Castor Jr. held their first press conference, which aimed to solidify their stance and unify the party for the upcoming 2011 election in November.

Standing inside the Swede Street entrance of the , Montgomery County Republican Committee Chairman Bob Kerns began the press conference with a brief statement, introducing Brown and Castor and setting a tone for what seems likely to be a highly contested race against the of Josh Shapiro and Leslie Richards.

"We have two candidates as commissioners who I believe are the epitome of what is good about Montgomery County," said Kerns. "We are ready to go. We are united, and we're ready to fight."

Next to the podium was Lower Merion Township Commissioner Jenny Brown, who made a concise speech about the county's financial status and the need to reduce spending.

"The county cannot afford to continue to spend and borrow in the way that it has," said Brown. "Our county cannot afford four more years of what our opponents have to offer. Their records are clear, and what they have to offer is not sustainable."

After a round of applause, current Montgomery County Commissioner Bruce L. Castor Jr. took to the podium, speaking about the mistakes that had been made over the past four years, which he attributed to the Democrats.

He stated that Montgomery County has spent $20 million more than it had taken in for each of the past four years.

"Understand that the county has been in existence since 1784, and somehow, in just a few years, we've managed to set a record for our county's debt," said Castor.

Castor then shifted his focus to what he viewed as instability and poor candidate selections by Montgomery County Democratic Committee Chairman Marcel Groen, who "hand-picked" Joe Hoeffel for county commissioner, only to later withdraw his support and refer to Hoeffel as a "child."

"I don't think it is reasonable for the voters of this county to believe that the Democrats have gotten any smarter in the last four years when it comes to picking candidates and policies," said Castor, who also touched on the recent controversy surrounding the potential use of the recently decommissioned . 

"He (Hoeffel) thinks that, despite the fact that the governments of Hatboro, Horsham and Montgomery Township unanimously agreed that they don't want an airport in the Willow Grove Naval Air strip, by golly, Commissioner Hoeffel wants that," said Castor.

Regarding Josh Shapiro, Castor referred to him as "a protege of Commissioner Hoeffel," adding that Shapiro was also "hand-picked" by Groen.

The press conference wrapped up as Castor delivered a confident final message.

"This team behind me is going to be the team that restored fiscal sanity to Montgomery County," said Castor. "We don't expect people to vote for us because we're Republicans; we expect people to vote for us because economic sanity needs to return to the county, and we're the ones to do it."

When asked what his thoughts were on the statements made by Shapiro and Richards regarding their claims of support from Republican voters, Castor quickly dismissed the claims, citing prior experience.

"It's just campaign rhetoric," said Castor. "The same claims were made four years ago, and the election turned out exactly the opposite of what they were claiming. That'll be the same thing again."

Neither the Shapiro-Richards campaign nor Shapiro's office in Abington returned calls seeking comment.

Jack Minster November 06, 2011 at 12:42 AM
Shapiro supported raising taxes by over $1 billion. Even Shapiro's hometown newspaper, a left-leaning publication, endorses Brown-Castor over Shapiro. His record stands, irrefutable. Did you see Castor debate Shapiro moderated Larry Kane? Fantastic. Castor tripped up Shapiro in one hypocrisy after another lie. It was Shapiro's camp deciding that, since they have no real substance and Bruce is so popular, let's tie Jenny Brown to the Tea Party. Hilarious. Did Jenny accept an invitation to speak at at Tea Party event? Yes. She accepts all credible invitations and listens to everyone's differing views. So Shapiro called her a Tea Partier. What did he do before his last campaign? Shapiro CALLED the Tea Party asking if he could speak at their event. Hypocrite. Liar. Look ahead past Matthews the defector Republican and Hoeffel the spend-crazy Democrat, I say. Compare Brown-Castor to Richards-Shapiro based on the perfect sanity of their records.
Ruthiness November 07, 2011 at 04:35 PM
Umm.. Castor had no voice for the last four years because he was totally marginalized by the bullies in charge (Matthews and Hoeffel). This DESPITE the fact that Castor received THE MOST VOTES OF ALL THREE IN THE ELECTION. So by silencing Castor's voice these two dopes also silenced the voices of the majority of the county. That's not making Dems too popular these days in Montco or in the country for that matter. I predict a landslide for Castor Brown tomorrow.. and then FINALLY Montco will be able to fix the damage from four years of pet projects and promoting global warming nonsense by the bullies who thought they owned the world.
Ruthiness November 07, 2011 at 04:38 PM
I think for most voters, being associated with the Tea Party would be a GOOD thing. However, being associated with "occupiers" would be a kiss of death for any candidate. I have to wonder if Shapiro/Richards have spoken to any "occupy" groups? Hmmmm? I bet they support THAT movement don't they.... and THAT movement shares some common ground with the Tea Party but they diverge when it comes to how to solve it. Tea Party wants to RETURN to a Constitutional Republic, from which we have STRAYED. The occupiers want to tear down our Constitutional Republic and create a progressive "mobocracy". NO THANKS!
Marc Lombardi November 07, 2011 at 04:50 PM
I like how you spin this. So a Democrat and a Republican who teamed up are giving a bad name to the Democrats only? Shouldn't Matthews' actions have just as nasty an effect on the reputation of the GOP ticket he ran under? And "Global Warming Nonsense" speaks volumes here. The simplest way to get others to understand your gripes (honest or otherwise) is to discuss the facts and not taint you message with biased opinion.
Ruthiness November 07, 2011 at 04:58 PM
Dear Marc Lombardi - yes there are problems in both political parties - but the GOP censured Jim Matthews - the Dems simply chose not to put Hoeffel on the ticket. Big difference. I fault mostly Jim Matthews for what happened - he is a sellout. Voters thought they elected a conservative yet he threw his hat in with Hoeffel - that is a betrayal of voters. I guess the apple doesn't fall from the same tree that created ultra leftie Chris Matthews - Jim's brother... And if you STILL believe that global warming is NOT nonsense then you reveal your own kool-aid drinking bias. Humans DO NOT CAUSE THE POLAR BEARS TO DIE OR THE ICEBERGS TO MELT! The environmental movement had a good point when they concerned themselves with pollution of our immediate environment. When they went "global" and against humans is where they went off the shark and lost support and rightly so!


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