East Vincent Planning Commission To Finalize Pennhurst Zoning Tomorrow

Just one week after Spring City and East Vincent got news of a zoning ordinance change for Jones Motor, the township is at it again with a Pennhurst change that will continue to allow the Halloween attraction to stay afloat.

Concerned Citizens of East Vincent are speaking out again this week after last week's fiasco.

Tomorrow night's Planning Commission meeting, which starts at 7 p.m. at 262 Ridge Rd., shows an agenda of finalizing the zoning for Pennhurst, which will have a direct affect on both East Vincent and Spring City when Halloween rolls around.

Here is a release from CCOEV regarding tomorrow night's meeting:

On the heels of the Jones Motor zoning ordinance and the abandonment of resident concerns and pleas by the majority of the Board of Supervisors, another, more insidious zoning petition is being finalized by the Planning Commission at it's meeting tomorrow night.

The issues of spot zoning, creation of more GI & PO space, 3 acre subdivision ability as provided for in PO area regulations, and the affirmation of the Pennhurst Asylum as a use by right are just some of the issues contained in this petition.

This will be another enormous give away to a very special interest with no real benefit to the Township.  Ask yourself this question: What did East Vincent gain from last years $985,000 amusement?  What will East Vincent get if this terrible rezoning is approved?

The property owner has had those 100+ acres for many years now and has done nothing but let the buildings rot and make huge sums of money off of the reprehensible history of the closed institution and its patients.

You know what will happen at the public meeting if this petition is allowed to move forward by the PC.  Show the Planning Commission that you won't stand for another reduction in East Vincent's rural character.  For our children and their children, come to the Planning Commission meeting on Tuesday, July 19th, and show everyone that we can't be bought with daffodil bulbs!

CCOEV has a copy of the ordinance and further comments on this amendment on its website.

Patch has received a tip that Spring City will have a voice in some way, shape or form tomorrow night. Stay tuned for more information as it becomes available.


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