RESULTS: Perkiomen Valley Election Day Information Center

Your go-to guide for the 2012 Election in the Perkiomen Valley, including where you vote, how to get there, and who is on your ballot. Results provided with over 90 percent of polls reporting.



UPDATED, Nov. 6, 11:35 p.m.:

All incumbents in the Perkiomen Valley are poised to win re-election this year, with more than 90 percent of polls reporting in Montgomery County.

Below are results for all national, state-wide and local races:

Statewide races - 91 percent of polls reporting in Pennsylvania:

United State President (Pennsylvania results)


2,328,440 46.1%  

2,662,134 52.7%

United State Senator


2,195,120 44.0% CASEY, JR, BOB (DEM)

2,708,082 54.3%

Pennsylvania Attorney General:


2,021,308 40.9% KANE, KATHLEEN G. (DEM)

2,806,292 56.8% ROGERS, MARAKAY J. (LIB)

114,055 2.3%

Pennsylvania Auditor General:


2,235,836 45.8% DEPASQUALE, EUGENE A. (DEM)


186,959 3.8%

Pennsylvania State Treasurer:


2,110,107 43.3% MCCORD, ROBERT M. (DEM)

2,593,271 53.2% FRYMAN, PATRICIA M. (LIB)

168,507 3.5%


161,375 57.0% TRIVEDI, MANAN M. (DEM)

121,685 43.0%


216,198 58.1% BADEY, GEORGE (DEM)

156,175 41.9%


47,949 42.8% DINNIMAN, ANDREW E. (DEM)

64,072 57.2

PA House of Representatives Results - at least 90 percent of the polls reporting:

100 percent of polls reporting.

  Vote Count Percent Rep - Jim Phillips 11,086 35.16% Dem - Matthew D. Bradford 20,442 64.84% Total 31,528 100.00%

92 percent of polls reporting.

Vote Count Percent Rep - Marcy L. Toepel 17,511 60.97% Dem - Betty J. White 11,210 39.03% Total 28,721 100.00%

92 percent of polls reporting.

Vote Count Percent Rep - Mike A. Vereb 15,043 54.38% Dem - Kelly Lynn Devine 12,622 45.62% Total 27,665 100.00%


Update, Nov. 6, 11:10 p.m.:

With 87 percent of results in throughout Pennsylvania:

*Race has been called for Gerlach in several media outlets


133,118 57.1% TRIVEDI, MANAN M. (DEM)

100,047 42.9%

* Race has been called for Meehan in several media outlets


168,474 59.6% BADEY, GEORGE (DEM)

114,413 40.4%


35,529 42.5% DINNIMAN, ANDREW E. (DEM)

47,988 57.5%

With 75 percent of polls in the 70th District reporting:

Rep - Jim Phillips 9,492 34.94% Dem - Matthew D. Bradford 17,677 65.06% Total 27,169 100.00%

With 52 percent of polls in the 147th District reporting:

Rep - Marcy L. Toepel 13,453 60.79% Dem - Betty J. White 8,678 39.21% Total 22,131 100.00%


With 62 percent of the polls in the 150th District reporting:

Rep - Mike A. Vereb 12,313 54.34% Dem - Kelly Lynn Devine 10,348 45.66% Total 22,661 100.00%

UPDATE: Nov. 6, 10:15 p.m.:

CNN has called Pennsylvania for both President Barack Obama and Senator Bob Casey.

With 60 percent of precincts reporting statewide:


62,557 59.6% TRIVEDI, MANAN M. (DEM)

42,497 40.5%


106,391 59.5% BADEY, GEORGE (DEM)

72,343 40.5%


12,310 43.8% DINNIMAN, ANDREW E. (DEM)

15,806 56.2%

With 44 percent of polls reporting:

Vote Count Percent Rep - Jim Phillips 4,269 28.25% Dem - Matthew D. Bradford 10,842 71.75% Total 15,111 100.00%

No results have been reported.

With 38 percent of the precicts reporting:

Rep - Mike A. Vereb 5,859 52.84% Dem - Kelly Lynn Devine 5,229 47.16% Total 11,088 100.00%

UPDATED: Nov. 6, 5:30 p.m.:

Skippack Election Day Update

Voting in Skippack Township has been steady all day, according to local Party committee members, with some polls hitting 65 percent turnout.

Skippack Towship Ward 3, which votes at the 4H Building, was up to 65 percent turnout as of 3 p.m., according to committeemembers.

At Skippack Elementary School, the polling place for Skippack 2, saw a steady stream of voters throughout the day, and had just over 50 percent turnout at 3:30 p.m., before the evening rush.

At Skippack 1, Trinity UCC, State Representative Matt Bradford was on hand to greet voters.

"Both 2008 and this year are great turnout elections," said Bradford.

A Democratic volunteer said there was at least a 30 minute wait for voters from 7 a.m. to just before noon, and they are expecting a 90 precent turnout at the poll.

UPDATED: Nov. 6, 2:20 p.m.:

Perkiomen, Schwenksville, Lower Frederick Election Day Updates

Perkiomen Township

As of noon, 1600 Perkiomen Township voters came to the joint polling place at the Perkiomen Fire Company.

The polling place had a line out the door at 11 a.m. Earlier in the day, the line extended to the Perkiomen Township Building - a photo is attached to this article.

Unlike the other Perkiomen Valley polls, there were no Democrat volunteers at the polls when Patch visited.

"There were volunteers here from New York for Obama four years ago," said Alex Charyna, a Republican committeeman.  "There is no one this year."

At 12:50 p.m., a vehicle crashed into the polling place - Read more here.

Schwenksville Borough

More than 251 Schwenksville voters came to the Schwenksville Fire Company to vote by 12:15 p.m., according to Election Day volunteers.

"A lot of people are coming in with kids," said a Democratic volunteer.

The fire company is holding a hoagie sale today - for $6, cash or check, voters can purchase hoagies and support the fire company.

Lower Frederick Township

Between the two Lower Frederick Township polls on Spring Mount Road, 1100 voters came out in the township.

The Lower Frederick Township building poll workers said the turnout was higher than usual, and that voters knew who they were voting for.

"The ballot is a lot more simple than it normally is," said one volunteer, "No one needs help."

UPDATED: Nov. 6, 11:15 a.m.:

Trappe and Collegeville Election Day Updates

Trappe Borough Hall

Trappe Borough Hall, the only polling place in the borough, hit 450 voters by 10:30 a.m. on Election Day, which committee people believe will translate to more votes at the end of the day than in the 2008 Presidential Election.

Lines, which were at least 70 people long when Patch was on the site at 10:30, was easily three times that between the 7 a.m. and 8 a.m. hour, according to Mayor Connie Peck.

"It's been going well so far," said Trappe Democrat Comitteeman Brian Donovan. He noted, however, that some voters drove in, saw the line, and kept on driving.

Trappe Republican Committeeman Stuart Strauss was directing traffic with other volunteers.

"There wasn't a blade of grass to park on earlier this morning," said his co-Republican Committeeman Jack Minster.

Committee members are working to accomodate people with disabilities or those unable to stand for prolonged periods of time.


The Collegeville Ward 2 polling place, located at the Collegeville Borough Hall, had roughly 120 voters at 10 a.m., which is what  Collegeville Borough Council Member Hugh Braun expected.

Braun, a Republican committeeman, and Democrat volunteers from Ursinus College agreed that voters have their minds made up walking into the polling Place.

The Collegeville Ward 3 polling place, located at the UCC conference senter, was up to 255 voters as of 11 a.m, which is roughly what the Judge of Election, Susan Williams, expected.

There were concerns in that polling place over aggression regarding the Voter ID ruling at Collegeville 3, stemming from incidents at the Primary Election. The voter ID requirement was put on hold until after the General Election, but Williams was sure there is a constable at the polling place to be cautious.

"We have been asking for identification, but not requiring it" said Williams. "There have been no problems thus far."

One positive for Ward 3 voters who like to get down to business - no committee people handing out literature, for the time being.

At the much larger Collegeville Ward 1 polling place, located at St. Eleanor's Catholic Church, turnout was 458 at 10:50 a.m.

"We're not changing anybody's mind at this point," said Collegeville Mayor Albert Stagliano, who was working the polls.

There was a Edison Research Election Staff employee who was taking exit polls from every five voters - the stack of Obama voters and Romney voter polls seemed relatively equal.

UPDATED: Nov. 5, 2:30 p.m.:

Patch has created a voters guide for congressional, state senate and state House candidates in the Perkiomen Valley Area:

Nov. 5, 9:10 a.m.:

Registration Edge Grows for Democrats in Montco

In the six-month registration window between the 2012 Primary and General Elections, the Democratic Party gained 8,639 registered voters, while the Republican Party brought in 3,546. Of the 17,893 voters who registered in that time period, 5,708 of them registered in various other parties.

Click here for more information

Nov. 5, 8:10 a.m.:

Montgomery County Attorneys Available For Election Day Issues

The Montgomery County District Attorney's Office will have a team of attorneys available to help voters with any issues they may face at the polls. 

Call 610-278-3146 if you need help.

Click here for more information.

Nov. 5, 5:40 a.m.:

Hurricane Sandy may have made the past week fly by for many Perkiomen Valley voters, but, ready or not, the polls open tomorrow morning.

Here are some resources for Perkiomen Valley residents interested in learning where to vote, how to get there, and who is on the ballot.

Where You Vote
If you want to make sure you're registered to vote, or you forget where to vote, click here to visit the Montgomery County Board of Elections.

Getting to Your Polls
A Perkiomen Valley Patch reader and blogger, Mark Smerkanich, has offered to drive voters to the poll if need be. Contact brittany.tressler@Patch.com for more information.

Also, both political parties will often help voters get to the polls.
Montgomery County Democratic Committee: 610 272 2000
Montgomery County Republican Committee: 610 279 9300

Who's on Your Ballot
The Montgomery County Board of Elections allows readers to view the entire ballot for each voting district online prior to Election Day.

For quick reference, here is a breakdown of your candidates throughout the Perkiomen Valley:

President/Vice President:
  Mitt Romney/Paul Ryan (R)
  Barack Obama/Joe Biden (D)

U.S. Senator:
  Tom Smith (R)
  Bob Casey, Jr. (D)

Attorney General:
  David J. Freed (R)
  Kathleen G. Kane (D)

Auditor General:
  John Maher (R)
  Eugene A. DePasquale (D)

State Treasurer:
  Diana Irey Vaughan (R)
  Robert M. McCord (D)

U.S. House, PA Senate and PA Representative Candidates:

Candidates in Collegeville Borough (Wards 1, 2, 3)
   U.S. Representative, 6th District:
     Jim Gerlach (R)
     Manan E. Trivedi (D)

   PA Representative, 150th District:
     Mike A. Vereb (R)
     Kelly Lynn Devine (D)

Candidates in Trappe Borough
   U.S. Representative, 6th District:
     Jim Gerlach (R)
     Manan E. Trivedi (D)

   PA Senator, 19th District:
     Christopher J. Amentas (R)
     Andrew E. Dinniman (D)

   PA Representative, 150th District:
     Mike A. Vereb (R)
     Kelly Lynn Devine (D)

Candidates in Schwenksville Borough
   U.S. Representative, 6th District:
     Jim Gerlach (R)
     Manan E. Trivedi (D)

   PA Representative, 150th District:
     Mike A. Vereb (R)
     Kelly Lynn Devine (D)

Candidates in Lower Frederick Township
   U.S. Representative, 8th District:
     Mike Fitzpatrick (R)
     Kathy Boockvar (D)

   PA Representative, 147th District:
     Marcy L. Toepel (R)
     Betty J. White (D)

Candidates in Perkiomen Township (Wards 1 and 2)
   U.S. Representative, 6th District:
     Jim Gerlach (R)
     Manan E. Trivedi (D)

   A small part of Ward 1 includes the 7th Congressional District:
     Patrick L. Meehan (R)
     George Badey (D)

   PA Representative, 147th District:
     Marcy L. Toepel (R)
     Betty J. White (D)

Candidates in Skippack Township (Ward 1)
   U.S. Representative, 7th District:
     Patrick L. Meehan (R)
     George Badey (D)

   PA Representative, 70th District:
     Jim Phillips (R)
     Matthew D. Bradford (D)

Candidates in Skippack Township (Wards 2 and 3)
   U.S. Representative, 7th District:
     Patrick L. Meehan (R)
     George Badey (D)

   PA Representative, 147th District:
     Marcy L. Toepel (R)
     Betty J. White (D)


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