Hays and Lee Sign the Public Service Pledge

State Rep candidate and Spring City Councilman Mike Hays signs public service pledge

The following was submitted by Timothy Potts:

Two candidates for the state House of Representatives have become the first to sign a Public Service Pledge, committing them to following the will of PA citizens as documented by state-of-the-art public opinion research.

Michael Hays, seeking election in Chester County’s 26th district, and Christopher Lee, running in the 171st district in Centre & Mifflin counties, have signed The Majority Party PA's pledge.

“Lawmakers always claim to speak for the majority of voters, but the majority want a government that is far better than the one we have,” Hays said. "True public service is about addressing the needs of the people, not those of special interests and Harrisburg lobbyists."

“I signed the pledge because the government reforms citizens want are the most important issue demanding attention,” said Lee. “Without a state assembly that truly represents voters, we might as well turn our government over to lobbyists.”

The Majority Party PA is a political action committee whose goal is a government that faithfully represents the majority of citizens on ordinary policy issues. All surveys must meet the standards of the American Association for Public Opinion Research, www.aapor.org, to be considered by The Majority Party PA.

Polling about individual rights never becomes part of The Majority Party PA agenda. Also, each item on the agenda must be documented by multiple opinion polls to ensure that the majority opinion is settled.

The Majority Party PA Chairman Tim Potts congratulated Hays and Lee for being in the vanguard of restoring representative government to Pennsylvania.

“The bedrock idea of America is that people have the right to govern themselves, and the role of government is to help them do it,” Potts said.

“The days of a government that truly represents us are just beginning, thanks to candidates like Mike Hays and Chris Lee who are determined to put the ‘public’ back in public service,” he added.

The agenda Hays and Lee have pledged to support includes:

Public Integrity and Government Reform

  • Reform how political campaigns are financed. 88% of voters support reforms; 7% oppose.
  • Reform the structure and operations of the legislature. 81% of voters support; 12% oppose.
  • Hold a Constitution convention to review the basic frame of government. 68% of voters support a convention; 28% oppose.
  • Change how state and local governments are financed. 82% of voters support; 9% oppose.


  • Do not cut funding for public schools. Cuts opposed by 79% of voters; supported by 19%.
  • Do not cut funding for state universities. Cuts opposed by 65%; supported by 28%.

Budget & Taxes

  • Tax Marcellus Shale. Favored by 74% of voters; opposed by 19%.
  • Tax smokeless cigars and tobacco. Favored by 77% of voters; opposed by 23%.
  • Sell the state liquor stores. Favored by 61% of voters. Opposed by 28%.
  • Reduce the number of state employees. Favored by 61% of voters ; opposed by 32%.
  • Do not raise the state income tax to balance the budget. 59% of voters oppose raising the income tax; 36% support.
  • Do not raise the state sales tax to balance the budget. 58% of voters oppose raising the sales tax; 38% support.
  • Do not put tolls on major highways to balance the state budget. 59% of voters oppose tolls; 39% support.

Links to all public opinion surveys are at www.themajoritypartypa.com.

SMYRNA-X April 10, 2012 at 02:34 PM
Pathetic... Why have representaion in the legislature? To make tough decisions and compromises or simply look at a poll and vote for the majority? Just looking at the brief Q&A makes me laugh. Who wants to cut spending, nobody- including republicans. Who wants higher taxes, nobody- including democrats. But the poll indicates that people want and want...but would rather walk away from the bill when it hits the table. This is why mature, foward thinking, ethical people need to be our reps- not a scary yet hilarous commitment to lead politicains by the nose by the "majorities" will.
jackaroe April 10, 2012 at 06:54 PM
that's interesting SMYRNA-X... if you are so knowledgable and carry the secret political wisdoms that clearly these 2 politians lack than perhaps you should be in office. if you knew anything about the above politians perhaps you would know that they are mature, forward thinking and ethical people. i am always amazed at those who attack but do nothing to help make a change. please let me know when you'll be running for election. thanks...
Tim Potts April 11, 2012 at 11:58 AM
It's always a surprise to those who have a private agenda and don't really believe in the American right of self-government to see what people really want. Mostly they want someone who is willing to represent them, which is what Mike Hays has pledged to do. Doing what voters want doesn't diminish the hard work of deciding how to do it. That's where the judgment of candidates comes in.
Matt April 11, 2012 at 08:53 PM
“The bedrock idea of America is that people have the right to govern themselves, and the role of government is to help them do it,” Thanks a bunch, sport...but the government helping me self-govern is a heaping helping of illogical contradiction. If we cut the power of the state assembly, we cut the power of lobbyists at the same time. I don't want to be represented, I want to be left alone.


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