LED Streetlights Coming to Royersford

Borough Council voted to start replacing old sodium streetlights with newer ones.

At Tuesday's Royersford Borough Council meeting, borough manager Michael Leonard showed off something he had been researching - getting LED streetlights to replace old lights in the borough. 

"So many of the lights are breaking," Leonard said. "These are guaranteed for ten years, even the bulbs."

It was noted in public works director Craig Keffer's monthly report that the borough recently repaired 29 lights. 

"The parts are getting harder to get, the bulbs aren't made in the US anymore," Leonard said. 

Leonard said his research indicated that the lights would cost from $350-$400 each, but would be brighter than the current sodium lights. 

The current lights are costing the borough $35 each just to replace the bulb, before labor costs are added in. Many of the lights also have a part called a ballast that is failing; replacing that ballast can cost $150 per light before labor costs.

"So we're practically breaking even," said Keffer from the audience. 

According to the light's manufacturer, they would result in substantial energy savings for the borough. 

Council approved the purchase of five lights to test them out and help council decide if they wanted to start replacing all the streetlights. 

Other business

Leonard announced during the meeting that two borough contracts are out for bid, one for trash services and one toreplace the windows on borough hall as they discussed during the last meeting. 

The parks and recreation committee will hold the annual Easter Egg Hunt on March 23, 2013. They will be dyeing eggs at the Ninth Grade Center cafeteria kitchen on Thursday, March 21 at 2pm. 


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