Limerick Board Discusses Business Displays

Planned ordinance will regulate what businesses can have visible on property

As part of the ongoing , the Limerick Township Board of Supervisors took up the issue of where and how businesses in the new rezoned district will be allowed to store or display their wares. 

The ordinance is currently in the draft stage. Much of the discussion centered around the need to define the terms "display" and "storage" and whether all types of businesses or just certain ones would be able to display items. 

Storage would be allowed on the side and in the rear of the building, under the ordinance's current provisions, and would have to be hidden by either a fence or landscape buffering. 

Three Peas In A Pod owner Gail Wellington said that in her opinion, "it's a matter of taste."

"No one is going to object to shrubs in front of a garden center, because they're pretty. But, you wouldn't want eight-foot piles of gravel and mulch out front," Wellington said.

Supervisor Ken Sperring said that the new Ridge Pike overlay district is going to "eliminate industrial-type 'eyesore' uses anyway."

At the suggestion of solicitor Joseph McGrory, the board agreed to consider allowing display items within fifteen feet of the building's front facade, and mandating that property owners who want to put items on display beyond that fifteen-foot limit would come to the township and request a variance. 

"That way they can do it one-on-one," Sperring said. 

Supervisor Kara Shuler agreed, saying it "simplifies it greatly."

McGrory said, "If you allow all uses [types of businesses] to display within fifteen feet, yopu've accomodated 95-percent of the uses."

The board will review another version of the ordinance and will most likely vote during the August 7, 2012 meeting to advertise the ordinance. The public hearing will then be held at the September 17 meeting. 

While the public hearing will allow time for public comment, McGrory said comments on the ordinance are welcome at any time. 

In other news

  • The township's recent Red Cross blood drive was very successful. Shuler announced that the drive collected 35 pints of blood, surpassing its goal of 30 pints.
  • The board voted to have a streetlight installed on Ridge Pike at the entrance of the Willow Run community at a cost of $1,567.09.
  • The board approved resolutions for the developers of both the Primrose School at 259 Royersford Road and Lewis Square at 508 North Lewis Road. The developments have been held up by a recent .


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