Limerick Board Notes

Limerick Township Supervisors vote on pension funding, car dealership signage

The Limerick Township Board of Supervisors held its second monthly meeting on Tuesday evening. 

There were seeral discussions during the course of the otherwise routine business meeting.

Metro Acura, owners of the new car dealership on Auto Park Boulevard near Linfield-Trappe Road, had an appointment before the board to ask the board's opinion on signage for their building. 

Signage has been a long-running issue in Limerick Township. The board passed a signage ordinance regarding types of signs, electronic signs, and design standards for signage.

Metro Acura's signs were discussed at an August meeting, and since that meeting the dealership worked out a compromise on some of the board's concerns. 

Supervisor Thomas Neafcy said he does not support granting a variance on signs.

"We were trying to become uniform in signage," Neafcy said. "Now the first applicant who comes in here, we've reversed what we decided."

"If we didn't force the dealerships to go there [in the Auto Park Boulevard area], I'd agree with [Neafcy]," said supervisor Ken Sperring. "They're where they're supposed to be."

Sperring, Supervisor Elaine DeWan and Supervisor Kara Shuler voted to support the dealership's application, with Neafcy voting "nay". (Supervisor Joseph St. Pedro was absent.)

The board also discussed funding employee pensions and post-retirement benefits.

There are minimum municipal obligations for the three pension plans (one for police officers, one for non-uniformed employees and one for the retirement savings plan) to which the township is required to contribute.

Post-retirement benefits include health care coverage for the retired officer and their spouse. So far, no officers have retired, but the board has to consider funding the plan ahead of time. 

The meeting concluded just after 8:00pm. 


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