Montgomery County Provides Emergency Preparedness Tips

The County's department of public safety provides some tips to be prepared for Hurricane Sandy and any other natural disaster or threats.


The Montgomery County Department of Public Safety is asking residents to look over its Emergency Preparedness Guide in anticipation of the possible arrival of Hurricane Sandy.  Here are some highlights: 

Simple ways to stay safe during severe weather:

  • Listen to radio or TV weather updates to stay informed.
  • Be ready to leave your home if necessary.
  • Stay away from windows and doors.
  • Listen to a weather radio, if possible.
  • Have an emergency kit ready.

Create an Emergency Plan:
    •    Meet with household members to discuss possible emergency events, and how the family will respond
    •    Decide who will pick up children and where you will meet if an evacuation is ordered, if the family is scattered
    •    Discuss what to do in the case of personal injuries or power outages; draw a floor plan and mark escapes from each room
    •    Know how to turn off utilities to the home
    •    Post emergency contact information; teach children how to call friends or relatives if separated from  you, and how to dial 911
    •    Teach household members how to turn on the radio for emergency information
    •    Pick two meeting places to meet if the family can't return home after an emergency
    •    Keep family records in a waterproof and fireproof safe

Prepare Your Emergency Supply Kit:
The guide suggests a three-day supply of water in plastic containers, and a number of items to pack - here are some highlights, the rest can be found on page 9 of the guide.

  •  Clothing

         Pack one complete change of clothing (long-sleeved shirts and long pants recommended) in a waterproof bag.
         List includes sturdy shoes, heavy socks, rain gear and sunglasses

  •  Food

          Remember compact, lightweight food, sugar, salt and pepper, vitamins, high-energy foods and powdered juices and milk.

  •   Tools and Supplies

          Fanny pack, small fire extinguisher, can opener, needles and thread, matches in a water-proof container, leather work gloves, medicine dropper, dust mask, toilet paper, prepaid phone card, spray paint, hard hat, pry bar, plastic bucket with tight lid (indoor toilet)

  •   First Aid Kit

          Nonbreakable thermometer, aspirin, antacid, laxative, eye wash, wound dressings, needle, snake bite kit, cold pack, hand sanitizer

  •   Things to remember when packing for family members with special needs

         For children, pack a special toy for comfort, anti-rash ointment, emergency contact information, and games and books, in addition to the necessities.
         For the elderly, remember extra eyeglasses, denture needs, medicine, legal documents, lip balm and sunscreen, and recent pictures of family members and pets.
         For pets, pack a current photo in case pets get lost, extra leash and collar, toys, treats, paper towels and clean-up bags, and food and water.

For more information, visit the Montgomery County Department of Public Safety Emergency Preparedness Guide.

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