*UPDATED* Municipal, Halloween Updates After Hurricane Sandy

Patch checked in to see how the local municipalities were holding up - and which are urging residents to push back trick-or-treating.

Oct. 31, 3:00 p.m:

From Schwenksville Borough Website:

"Halloween is not regulated, sponsored or endorsed by the Borough of Schwenksville.  Following Hurricane Sandy, the Borough is operating with power and is conducting business.  Woodland Avenue is the only road closed.    Parents should use their personal judgement and are personally responsible for the decision as to whether to permit their children to trick or treat. Many residents are occupied with post storm clean up and may not be participating.  Parents and trick-or-treaters should not approach darkened homes and should be aware of the possibility of downed wires or debris. "

Oct. 31, 10:30 a.m:

From Skippack Township Website:

"Halloween Trick or Treating is still scheduled for tonight - October 31."

Oct. 31, 9:30 a.m. Update:

Skippack Township has NOT decided on if they will urge residents to trick-or-treat at a later date due to the effects of Hurricane Sandy.

Yesterday, Skippack Township Manager Ted Locker said that he personally thought it was a safer option, and that he had to confirm this with the supervisors, as Patch reported in the earlier version of this article (below).

No determination has been made yet. Locker said he would contact Patch with the final decision.

Initial Story:

In the wake of Hurricane Sandy, most of the municipalities in the Perkiomen Valley School District are grateful that damage was not more wide-spread throughout the area.

Here are highlights from the municipalities:

Collegeville Borough

    Trick-or-Treating is ON FOR WEDNESDAY

Borough Manager Goeff Thompson said that trash pickup was cancelled for today, and that the compost hours tomorrow will still be in effect.

As far as damage is concerned, Thompson said Collegeville was "pretty lucky," nothing that only a few houses were without power after trees came down.

Thomspon did mention a potentially unresolved issue on E. 9th Ave with trees leaning on some lines, but that was being checked out

Trappe Borough

   Trick-or-Treating is POSTPONED TO FRIDAY, NOV. 2

Trappe Borough staff had no update other than the Halloween Postponement.

Perkiomen Township

   Trick or Treating is ON FOR WEDNESDAY NIGHT.

Perkiomen Township, which impressed many readers with its quick response to many fallen trees over the past day, is still keeping a list of residents who ned help.

"I think residents did very well," said Perkiomen Township Borough Manager Cecile M. Daniel. "They kept off the roads so we could clean up."

Daniel expects it to take about a week for residents to regroup, clean up their yards and get back to normal.

The township is offering to get rid of any large wood that may have fallen in the yards of residents. Those who live in Perkiomen Township are welcome to bring wood to the lower parking lot of the township building to be chipped.

Skippack Township


Skippack Township was arguably the most effected by the weather, and the township building is still out of power as of Tuesday afternoon.

Skippack Township Manager Ted Locker said that most of the trees that can be removed by the township have been, but those involving power lines must be removed by PECO. He said the PECO is out working now.

"There are a lot of trees down," Locker said, "this is probably the worst storm [PECO] has come across."

Locker said that Skippack public works, fire and ambulance services have been out for a long period of time, and are doing a great job.

"We're here for the people," Locker said, who was staying in touch with residents via an answering service and his cell phone.

Locker said that postponing Halloween to Friday would be a safer option, and that he has to confirm it with the board of supervisors.

Schwenksville Borough

  Trick or Treating is ON FOR WEDNESDAY NIGHT.

Schwenksville Borough staff members were in the office on Tuesday morning, and said that most things were well in the borough.

"[The storm was]  ver reasonable with very little damage - everything seems to be open around here," said borough staff.

Lower Frederick Township

  Trick or Treating is ON FOR WEDNESDAY NIGHT.

Though Lower Frederick will continue with trick-or-treating on Wednesday night, the supervisors worksession for tonight was cancelled.

The township also posted the following message on its website:

"While Lower Frederick did not experience road closures due to flooding, a significant number of roads are closed due to trees and wires down.  The Township cannot remove trees that have wires near or around them until PECO has either repaired the lines or killed power to the lines.  We are working to re-open roads as quickly as we are can, but cannot control PECO's time lines.  Since we do not know when PECO will be where, we cannot give estimates as to when roads will reopen.  We apologize for the inconvenience.  We remind you that downed wires are dangerous and ask you to stay away from any areas where there is a potential exposure.

The Perkiomen Valley School District just released the following Facebook Message:

"PVSD maintenance crews are out in our schools today assessing/repairing damage from the storm. We are waiting to hear from PECO to help us make a final determination regarding school tomorrow. We will update you after 4 p.m. Thank you for your patience."

Fauxy October 31, 2012 at 02:04 PM
Honestly the Patch is the cause of all this confusion. A lot of these municipalities are *suggesting* people trick-or-treat on another day. Every Patch page is posting it like it's gospel. I have checked several township websites and there is no information regarding Halloween. Did they Robo call every constituent telling them they moved October 31st? It's up to the parent if they want to let their kids out out or not. If you feel your neighborhood is unsafe, take your kids elsewhere and turn off your light. Think of all the money you'll be saving by returning your candy. Don't ruin Halloween for all the kids whose neighborhoods are unaffected (or already fixed) by the storm. A lot of people are using Sandy as an excuse to not walk their kids around in the cold. Last time I checked Halloween was for the kids! How about instead of "moving" Halloween, some mall, community center, radio station, something get Halloween moved indoors! At this rate we may as well Trick-or-Treat on Thanksgiving.
Fauxy October 31, 2012 at 02:06 PM
You can also trick-or-treat during the day! Isn't 4:00 on pretty much game every year for the youngins???
Fauxy October 31, 2012 at 02:07 PM
FYI Upper Providence is fine. The township has said many times they are not getting involved.
Gerry October 31, 2012 at 02:24 PM
per the skippacktownship.org website, as of 10:23am, 10/31 - it shows Trick-or-treat is still scheduled for tonight.
Brittany Tressler October 31, 2012 at 02:28 PM
Thanks, Gerry!


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