Party Parity: Student Republicans Among Proposed GVSD Clubs

Great Valley School Board will vote on new clubs, reorganization and appointment of a new food services director.

The Great Valley School Board voted in October to approve Great Valley High School Student Democrats, among other new clubs.

At its Dec. 3 business meeting, the school directors will vote on whether to approve its counterpart, the Student Republicans.

Here are some of the interesting items from Monday's meeting agenda:

Requests to Establish Student Activity Clubs:

  1. Eco Adventure Club
  2. Great Valley Sportsmen's Club
  3. Student Republicans
  4. Ultimate Food Club

Approval of Personnel Changes, including:

  • Appointment of Nicole Shaw, supervisor of food services to replace Barbara Nissel, effective Jan. 2, 2013 or upon release from current employment. 
  • Extra Duty Responsibility approval for David Waldman, assistant boys Lacrosse coach, Great Valley High School.

Adoption of Communications Policy.

  • Policy #815.4, "Communications between employees, students and parents/guardians," is attached to this article as a PDF. An excerpt:
If an employee plans to communicate electronically with students through the use of text messages, the employee must obtain permission to do so from his/her building principal. If permission is received, the employee must not only provide students’ parents with written notification of the intent to use text messaging but must also obtain written parental permission to do so. All parents shall be copied on the text message


  • The school board will appoint a temporary president and elect officers for 2013.

Cancellation of Dec. 17 School Board Meeting

View the full meeting agenda on Boarddocs.

William Woys Weaver December 02, 2012 at 02:02 AM
Let them advocate whatever they like, but KEEP IT OUT OF THE SCHOOLS. School Tax is horrendous enough to maintain overpaid administrators and almost-scholars acting as teachers....I would resent my tax dollars ill-spent this way, adding that I am a registered INDEPENDENT because like many people I am really, really fed up with the way local issues are handled.
Jackson in Charlestown December 02, 2012 at 04:56 PM
As a former GV School Board Director and parent of five Great Valley graduates, I am encouraged to see GVHS students expressing an interest in politics. However, in today's hyper-partisan environment, I believe it is problematic if a GVHS sponsored organization is allowed to indoctrinate students to drink one party's cool-aid and as a potential result, let them think it is OK to proceed through life lock-step, believing everything from one political party line. A single Party organization could/would condone and perpetuate the partisan driven ignorance that already exists among voters and politicians and, is causing political gridlock in America. Perhaps it would be better to replace a Republican, Democratic, or "other" party organization with a "Student Politics Organization" that promotes balanced and thoughtful analysis of issues before lapsing into blind partisan support. Within the organization there would be ample room for issued-driven and partisan (Democratic, Republican, Green, or other) caucuses or sub-committees. This type of structure would be more consistent with the goals of of our higher education system by encouraging students to be skeptical, ask questions, and conduct further research, analysis, and debate of real-life issues. This structure would also more closely mimic the structure of our Governmental entities that are non-partisan in structure but are made-up of the aforementioned partisan subgroups and interests.
Kathy December 07, 2012 at 02:47 PM
These clubs are generally requested by the students. YR and YD clubs are generally no different han the Anime Club or the Fencing Club. They are groups of like minded students who want to meet together and share ideas. Jack's idea has merit, and could work but probably might look more like a debate club -- also not a bad idea. If i know our students, there will be lots of lively discussion within a YR or YD club, they aren't of one mind at all. Have faith in your children!


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