Quigley: Race Not Over

Rep. Thomas Quigley isn't conceding his contest against Mark Painter just yet.

While unofficial results from Montgomery County are showing that Mark Painter upset incumbent Rep. Thomas Quigley in yesterday's election, The Pottstown Mercury reports that Quigley isn't ready to give up

According to the Mercury, there are possibly a thousand absentee votes left to be counted. 

Quigley said that the deadline extension caused by last week's hurricane resulted in many absentee votes being held by the county. Those votes will be counted beginning on Friday. 

Mark Painter's campaign manager was "cautious but confident," according to the article. 

"We feel pretty good. If you look at the absentee ballots that have been counted already, it’s pretty even," North told the Mercury. "If you look at the ballots that were counted, Quigley had a little more than (Painter), but I don’t think you’re going to see a great disparity."

Quigley has never lost a race in his career. 

The campaigns now will wait to see where the absentee vote tally falls.

"In all honesty, there’s nothing you can do," North told The Mercury. "We just hope everything is done scrupulously and quickly."


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