Schwartz Admits It: She's Going for Governor

The local rep tells press 'It's my intention' to run in the 2014 race.

She admitted it. Allyson Schwartz told the Philadelphia Daily News "It is my intention" to run for governor against incumbent Gov. Tom Corbett. After months of speculating such, it is nearing the stages of being totally official.

Schwartz, who currently serves as the U.S. Representative for the 13th District, which encompasses much of Montgomery County, said she plans to throw her hat into the ring for the 2014 race.

The rep told USA Today that she is dissappointed in Corbett's term due to the "lack of leadership, vision and effectiveness of this governor." As Patch reported in February, the decision may make the county a hotbed for the future governor's race. As it stands, Bruce Castor, who serves as the minority Republican commissioner for Montgomery County, has yet to make it official but has hinted in past interviews that his interest level is "up to the ankles." 

Philly.com had reported Wednesday that Schwartz stepped down from her role "as national finance chairwoman of the Demcoratic Congressional Campaign Committee for the 2014 midterm cycle," which would be a step toward taking the race on. Schwartz could not both serve on that committee and run for governor, leading many to speculate earlier this week that she was nearing the announcement.

The representative already has a fan-based page created entitled "allysonschwartzforgovernor.com."

TheHill.com said Schwartz could make a solid competitor for Corbett come 2014.

"The congresswoman has a deep national fundraising network, built partly by her work with the Democratic Congressional Campaign Committee, and is close to both House leadership and national liberal groups," said the political website. "Polls show Corbett is very vulnerable in the Democratic-leaning state. He has low approval ratings, and a recent partisan poll conducted for the Democratic Governors Association showed Schwartz ahead."

Terry March 03, 2013 at 01:02 AM
She might just win. People now vote for whoever gives them the most "free benefits", which the rest of us pay for with taxes from our paychecks. Sooner or later the well will run dry and then what?
jxjipper March 04, 2013 at 01:24 AM
Schwartz is half a commie and never comes out of her area to advocate for anything except what Obama says. She might as well redefine what a "Dittohead" is because whatever the White house wants she is a proxy "ditto". She'll play real well in the middle of the state with her attitude towards guns, taxes, throwing more money at welfare/entitlements. She won't spend 30 minutes in the Pennsylvania "flyover' country.
Chris March 04, 2013 at 04:40 PM
Now I understand my visceral hatred of Allyson Schwartz. I moved to Jenkintown and am stuck with this extremely poor excuse for a Rep and a human being. I have sent her 150 faxes over a few years on many issues. She has yet to answer ONE of my faxes even by form letter. Now that I find out she oversaw the murdering of almost 300,000 innocent babies - I understand now why I really hate her. Black people should really not want to vote for her since the majority of those murdered babies were black. If she was a conservative she would be accused of race genocide. And you would think the liberal Jews would be reminded of the Jews lost in WWII and would be against anyone that would help facilitate 300,000 people die I pray the voters of Pennsylvania not only don't vote for her for Governor but they wake up and get rid of her as our Rep. We don't need murders to represent us.
jxjipper March 05, 2013 at 03:23 AM
Chris the truth is that nobody really has been told the truth that abortion and eugenics are the mind set of the progressive/socialist liberals like BHO and Ms Schwartz. The media has manged to whitewash the fact that Allyson's "religious brethren" despite their history in WW 2 are largely responsible for the state of abortion in the U.S.
WAYNE T WRIGHT March 07, 2013 at 02:53 AM
Ms Schwartz, I wish I could say something constructive on your behalf and maybe I should just stop right there. But seriously, you should consider reversing your intent to run for the office of Gov. of the Great Keystone State. Your credentials show me nothing that would cause me to cast a vote in your favor. For sure there are more qualified persons that would do justice to the office.


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